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    Info about Day Series #11 and #12 Autocross, October 2nd 2022 at the PSTC
    Preparedness update.

    Lot fee is paid to PSTC for the Autocross event on October 2nd 2022
    Western Carolina University has been paid for the Porta-pot use at the Autocross event on October 2nd 2022
    Autocross event Insurance (ICEL) is paid and verified.
    Copy of Autocross event Insurance (ICEL) sent to the PSTC and they verified they received it.

    The scoreboards 12v battery will need to be charged.

    In the tool box there are new AA batteries for the beam emitters used at start and finish line.
    All (4) T-Links are will need to be charged. There are several Newer T-Link Antennas in the box.

    We have (4) working chargers for all (4) of those Older T-Links that use rechargeable SLA batteries.

    Both backpack blowers will need to be filled with Stihl 2 stroke oil premix and ethanol free gas.

    The small red gas jug is for ethanol free gas and should be premixed with Stihl 2 stroke oil for the backpack blowers.
    The backpack blowers must use Stihl 2 stroke oil premixed with ethanol free gas ONLY!!!

    The generator is nearly full with ethanol free gas.

    The big red gas jug that is in the HSCC trailer is full of ethanol free Gas, it is for use in the generator if needed at the PSTC event in Franklin.

    There should be drywall for chalking the course in the bucket.

    Hope to see you there. 😊

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