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    • Frank ForcinoFrank Forcino
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      This is the worker thread for Night Series #5 Tuesday, May 17 2022

      Everyone either has to be signed up here or talk with the worker chief at the event. If you are doing an assignment that is not on the list below, post here or contact Frank. If you are signed up for a task and can’t make it, please post here or contact Frank.

      You must be signed up for the event before you request a worker assignment. You will not be granted your requested assignment until you are officially registered for the event.

      Autocross Event Chairs
      – Justin McKee
      – Frank Forcino

      Safety Steward
      – Preston Black

      Trailer Towing
      – Josh Smathers

      Novice Chief
      – Art Truckenbrodt
      – Daniel Semon

      Setup: On site at 3:30
      – Pam Gilmer
      – Archie Gilmer
      – Brian Dickens
      – Emily Stafford

      Check-In (2) In training on how to do Check-In: On site at 4:30
      – David Sluder

      Waivers (2): On site at 4:30
      – Jack Brinkley
      – Archie Gilmer

      Blowing course (2): On site at 4:30
      – Steve Awald
      – Sawyer Awald

      Tech: On site at 5:00
      – Richard Dale
      – Dave Anderson

      Worker steward (1): On site before drivers meeting
      – Ryan Cheek

      Timing: On site before drivers meeting
      – Danny Coon
      – Bob Coon
      – April Cretsinger
      – Marcus Stucker

    • Keith YoungTEAMEFFORT
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      Info about May 17h 2022 event at WNC Ag-Center.
      Preparedness update.

      The scoreboards 12v battery is fully charged. By the way, the battery in the scoreboard in now conveniently secured in place with (2) reusable Velcro straps. Under the timing and scoring command center counter, mounted on the back wall there is a white basket, in the basket there are two charged backup batteries for the scoreboard if needed. (These are the older 12v batteries but still holding some charge).

      I will bring new AA batteries for the beam emitters to use at start and finish line.
      All (4) T-Links are fully charged. There are T-Link Antennas in the box.

      There are (4) working chargers for all (4) of those Older T-Links that use rechargeable SLA batteries. (In the box)

      Both backpack blowers may need to be filled with Stihl 2 stroke oil premix and ethanol free gas, to be ready to go.

      The small red gas can may have some ethanol free gas and is premixed with Stihl 2 stroke oil for the backpack blowers. The backpack blowers must use Stihl 2 stroke oil premixed with ethanol free gas ONLY!!!

      2022 Annual Tech Sticker should be available for sale ($3 Each) at the Night Series #5

      There should be drywall in the bucket for chalking the course.

      Contract on file with WNC Ag-Center for the Autocross event on May 17th 2022
      Autocross event Insurance is paid and verified.
      Autocross event Insurance on file with WNC Ag-Center for the Autocross event on May 17th 2022

      NOTE HERE:
      Lot fee NEEDS TO BE PAID to the WNC Ag-Center for the Autocross event on May 17th 2022

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