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  • Ryan DevenportRyan Devenport
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    Hello all, i decided this sounds like something i astupid be into participating in.  I have a 99 SAAB 95 2.3T with Auro trans. Its not the greatest bug its a beater car so why not have fun with it? I believe it falls in GS class jot sure if i need sub class or jot? Also for helmets will dot cert motorcycle helmet suffice or must it be a helmet specifically for car racing? Thank you all and im looking forward to ghe start of the season m!

  • Keith YoungTEAMEFFORT
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    Hi There

    Novice may be a good place to get started in autocross?

    If you look on HSCC web site under Novice Guide on page 21 this is what you find about helmets.

    HSCC has a few loaner helmets that can be used if you do not have one or forget one. These
    helmets vary in size and condition (they were donations after all). Having your own helmet is
    much more convenient. Helmets require a DOT rating at a minimum and they must cover your
    ears. Almost any motorcycle helmet is okay to use, however, “brain buckets” are prohibited.
    Open or closed face helmets are okay (purely driver preference).
    I recommend a Snell SA2015 Approved Full Face Helmet or newer.
    Hope this is helpful.
    Look forward to seeing you this year at the autocross.
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  • Chris PolhamusChris Polhamus
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    Welcome!  Assuming your car is “stock” (more or less as it would have come off the showroom floor), then it is in GS.  Automatics can be fun, I nearly won open HS in an auto Civic a few years ago.

    We accept any helmets with at least a DOT rating but it has to be full face or open, no “skull caps”.

    You can run in open GS or Novice GS (NGS).  If you have further classing questions feel free to ask me.


  • Ryan DevenportRyan Devenport
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    thank you for the replies, and yea I started reading the Novice guide then stopped and forgot to continue my bad found out yes my helmet is acceptable! As for my car it is all stock other than the PO installed an open airfilter element on it and removed the air box, otherwise it is stock. So yes I am a little confused on the classes but GS is the best I have come up with so far. I will continue to read though and see if it fits any where else.

  • Cameron AlbeaCameron Albea
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    Hey there, welcome! I took a look at the rulebook for you and because of the intake modifications, the car is technically classed in Street Touring Hatchback, even though it’s not really a hatch…Don’t worry too much about your class in your novice year, though, just get out there and drive. Feel free to come say hi, or grab me if you need help at an event, I’ll be in either an NA or NB Miata with 28 on the side.

    • Ryan DevenportRyan Devenport
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      Thanks for the insight on the modifications i did not even see that rule book. But i think the street touring is a better fit anyway as i intended to add strut tower braces to it as well. and maybe change the seats out. But this first year I will most likely run it as is just to get a good judge of needs vs. desires.  Looking forward to meeting you all in person i have been looking forward ot belonging to a group of automotive enthusiasts for a while unfortunately being in the Navy keeps me moving around alot but i think im going to try to stay here this time.

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