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  • Ryan Cheekbl_steel-Ryan
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    Hello all.

    I’m getting to run my 2017 Mustang GT Performance Pack. I’ve read through the HSCC Novice guide (It’s creator deserves a medal!) and SCCA classification guide and determined I fit into:

    FS, STU, STP

    However, I have modifications. All mods EXCEPT my new Throttle Body are allowed in Street Touring Pony car. (ref. 14.10-C: Air intake system up to, but not including, the engine inlet may be used or modified. The engine inlet is the throttle body, etc….)

    So, I don’t know what my next class option is. I did read @andrefoley49’s thread “new car-new class question” and I now think I fit in to the CAM-C class, as well.  Can I get a confirmation?

    Also, I haven’t driven an autocross in 3 years (that didn’t seem that long ago until I just typed it, ahh) but should I sign up in the Novice group? If I start the season the Novice group, do I stay in the group for the entire season? And, as I understand it, the Novice class is one large competitive grouping, and my times would be directly compared to anyone running with an N?

    Thank you in advance!


  • Erich BaumgartnerErichB
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    Sorry I haven’t gotten you a response. I’ve been absolutely slammed trying to get my car ready.

    Yes, if you’ve modified the throttle body, you’re now in CAM-C.

    You can change your groups any time you want. However, the times you get only count towards points for that respective class. So, if you run Novice for 3 events, then switch to normal CAM-C, the events you did in Novice will not count points towards a CAM-C trophy (and vise-versa).

    Your understanding of how you’re compared against competitors is correct. All novice times are compared against other novices.

  • Ryan Cheekbl_steel-Ryan
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    Thank you for the reply and clarifications.

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