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    • Shannon NicholsonShannon Nicholson
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      Hi, everyone. Our club meeting tonight (Wednesday, June 9) will once again be a virtual meeting conducted online using Zoom. If you plan to join us, you’ll need to preregister prior to the meeting, which will start promptly at 7:15 pm. You may also need to download some software if you haven’t used Zoom before, so please allow yourself extra time for that.

      To preregister, visit this link:

    • Wesley NicholsonWesley Nicholson
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      Hello to the club board and officers. I missed the meeting this month. I would like more information on the cost of the day series. Is the Franklin lot so expensive that we are charging 30 for each 1/2 day? I can see $30 for a 1/2 day and the $45 for the whole day. I would suggest this rate to increase the attendance. $60 is very expensive for a single day of AX with no change in course, but I would like to see the #s first. Thank you.

      • Frank ForcinoFrank Forcino
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        Short answer is yes, we do need to charge that much for each event in order to break even. That is why we are having two events each time we are at Franklin. We had low attendance before we started having two events in one day. And based on surveys we did last year, the cost of each event is not a reason folks don’t come.

        We have discussed having a discounted price for doing both events, and that may happen in the future.

        I’m happy to chat with you more about all the details at the next event.

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