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    Hey everyone. Getting ready to participate in my first autocross April 2nd. Looking for help classifying my car. I believe, after reading the SCCA classification rules, I should be in STR? 97′ BMW M3. Drivetrain, chassis, and suspension stock except for aftermarket sway bars front and rear. Plan to run a square wheel and tire combo – 245 front and rear (vs. stock staggered combo – 225 front and 245 rear). Back-half roll bar (back seat and door panels removed) and two Kirkey racing seats in front with stock seat belts and 5 point harnesses. Otherwise, interior is stock. Thoughts?

  • Cameron AlbeaCameron Albea
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    Hi there! Welcome to the wonderful world of autocross. I think strictly speaking, your car ends up in street modified. The rear seats being removed is essentially what’s throwing you there. Don’t worry too much about it though, as it’s your first year autocrossing, just run as novice street modified and focus on learning how to drive.

  • Chris PolhamusChris Polhamus
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    You’d actually be in D Prepared due to missing door panels – Street Mod only allows the rear seat to be removed but the rest of the interior must remain (front seats can be swapped). We do have a Street Tire Modified class (STM) which only requires you to pass tech and be on 200TW or greater tires.

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