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  • Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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    January 2022 Officer Zoom Meeting

    We have money. Keith proposed capping night series at 80 participants and could possibly increase over time. This was voted on and approved. Tabled teen driving school till February meeting. BF Goodrich wants to be a sponsor this year. 2 sponsors have paid for 2022.

  • Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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    February 2022 Zoom Meeting

    We have money and 28 total memberships so far for 2022. We stayed in budget for banquet and have paid for the first 2 events. Tabling timing with David. Found one low battery for T-link. Flags are fixed, awning still needs to be repaired, and items will be de-winterized before first event. Brian will archive old results and update sponsors on website. A sponsor link will be added at the top of the website for easy access. Frank mentioned to remove paper forms off website and just have some available to fill out in-person. Tabling selling hats and possibly giving some away. Wanting to do more emails and follow-up phone calls. Frank plans to possibly reach out to the Western Car Club. Tabling till October for a possible Teen Street Survival School for next year(2023). We won’t host one this year.

  • Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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    March 2022 Zoom Meeting

    We have 42 total memberships. We have money. Half of the sponsors have paid. Still need to archive old times. Keith has up-graded and organized the trailer and made some fixes. Need to replace the air compressor. Got approval to bring trailer in on Friday before day series events. Dave has one timing system and we have the older one and is working good. Preston proposed to add a hot spot on Brian’s plan and reimburse him each month. Was voted and approved up to a $15 amount. We have plenty of drywall. Brian to take on the annual tech stickers at first event. Frank gave autocross chair position to Preston for night series. Work on making numbers more clear and use grid workers to help with this.

  • Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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    April 2022 Zoom Meeting

    We have money. 106 memberships. Still need to reach out to Dave. Raj donated brake fluid and we are to come up with an idea to give it out. 55 tech stickers have been sold. Tech worked to help make numbers better. Keith is looking for a 6-7 gallon bucket. We sold out of all the hats and tabling if we will reorder more. The last day series events overlaps with NCAC. Plan so far is to keep our dates. Frank motioned to charge at time of registration on motor sports reg and up hold our 24 hour cancellation policy. Was voted on and approved. Will be posted on the website and other places to get the word out. Ryan will help with making sure all posts are up. Will leave waitlist active. Keith proposed for our donation at the end of the year be made to the Ag Center. Preston made a motion and this was voted on and approved. Brian will order a computer and set it up in the trailer for permit use. This will update things for us. It will cost $600-$650. Preston motioned to approve this purchase and was voted on and approved. Events went good with improvement to the night series. Will need to park trailer differently to keep from driving on grass. Will make a new music list to play on new computer. Grid and driver’s meeting will be reminding workers to report immediately. Hoping to shave some time between run groups.

  • Keith YoungTEAMEFFORT
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    MAY 2022 Officer Meeting

    HSCC has 115 memberships. The (15) GE membership payments have been collected and deposited in the Club bank. Thanks Justin
    The Club Financial report is good, the last two NS events were profitable.
    All 2021 event results for all DS events have now been added to the HSCC “Results Archive” on the web site. Thanks Frank
    All 2021 event results for all NS events have now been added to the HSCC “Results Archive” on the web site. Thanks Frank

    The Club is working on get more HSCC hats made.
    The Older T-Links and the Race-America Infrared Battery Powered Beam Emitter, have been performing well so far this year.
    Thanks Frank for posting Night Series #4 Event Results so fast. 👍 Thanks Bob and Frank

    Visible Numbers on cars was much improved at NS#3 and NS#4 ???🏁🚕 Thanks Richard and others in tech.
    Justen took some HSCC walkie talkie to make repairs this last few weeks and has 4 more working for a total of 13 working now. Thanks Justen!
    We need someone to take on upkeep and care for HSCC walkie talkies and there chargers.
    Update on the HSCC Jet-Pack Hotspot. It is it working well, and we are happy with it? 🙂 Thanks Brian

    We need more people trained and capable of turning on the hot spot and using it for timing, scoring and live timing.
    Discussed, Getting more people trained on how to use HSCC Live Timing.
    Discussed, how to get 5 runs at NS events.
    Discussed, how to get NS events started on time. Get First Vehicle Off: 7:00 pm

    Bryan will be working on The New and Improved Timing computer for HSCC during the month of May.
    (63) Annual tech stickers for 2022 have been sold so far this year. This is by far the most ever for HSCC.
    (Asheville Porsche club) For this year are invited to join with out regular Autocross events.
    Seeking donation of a 6 gallon bucket for the Club Trailer. Sean Belanger ordered one, and will bring it on the 17th. Thanks Sean

    Dave Anderson will be looking at the newer T-Link timing system when he gets the time.
    Thanks to Josh Smathers for towing the Club trailer to Autocross events and returning it safely!!! Thanks Josh
    A (4) minute recording of our 2022 sponsors was put on a zip drive by Archie for us to play through the clubs sound system. Thanks Archie
    Discussed, how changing at registration for Night Series events is working out. Much Better!!! Thank Dave Sluder

    It has been great to have some announcing at the NS events again this year.
    Efforts are being made to get the FM Broadcasting working again.
    Pothole repair needed at the Ag-Center.

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