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  • Frank ForcinoFrank Forcino
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    This is the worker thread for the June 29 Night Series. Signing up for a worker assignment here will take the place of a worker assignment day-of.

    You must be signed up for the event before you request a worker assignment. You will not be granted your requested assignment until you are officially registered for the event.

    Autocross Event Chair
    – Frank Forcino

    Time and Scoring Chief
    – Cam Albea

    Novice Chief
    – Art Truckenbrodt

    Trailer Towing
    – Keith Young

    Setup: On site at 3:30
    – Brian Dickens
    – Daniel Semon
    – Josh Smathers

    Check-In (1): On site at 4:30
    – Emily Stafford

    Waivers (2): On site at 4:30
    – Dave Sluder
    – Jack Brinkley

    Blowing course (2): On site at 5:00
    – Brandon Spake
    – Sean Belanger

    Tech (3): On site at 5:00
    – Raj Aggarwal
    – Mike Burke

    Novice stewards (2): On site at 5:30
    *These new positions will be under the supervision of the novice chief. The goal is to spend more time with first-timers to ensure they have a successful event and feel welcomed in the club

    Worker steward (1): On site before drivers meeting
    – Debra Mercer

    Timing (2): On site before drivers meeting

    Teardown (2):

  • Brandon SpakeBrandon Spake
    Post count: 2

    I’ll take course blowing

  • Keith YoungTEAMEFFORT
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    Frank, what time would you like the HSCC trailer on site for NS#5 ?

    • Frank ForcinoFrank Forcino
      Post count: 326

      I’ll be there by 3:15pm to begin setup. So, if you can have the trailer there by then, that would be great.

  • Keith YoungTEAMEFFORT
    Post count: 1258

    OK Frank,
    I will plan to have the HSCC trailer there by 3:15pm on Tuesday.

  • Sean BelangerSean Belanger
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    I can blow the course or novice steward, whichever is needed more.

  • Ryan Cheekbl_steel-Ryan
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    I’d like to sign April Cretsinger (my kiddo) up for the 4th position in course setup. I’ll be there too, to help with setup, but officially would like to take the open 3rd Tech position if Richard doesn’t make this event.

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