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  • Frank ForcinoFrank Forcino
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    This is the worker thread for the May 18 Night Series. Signing up for a worker assignment here will take the place of a worker assignment day-of.

    You must be signed up for the event before you request a worker assignment. You will not be granted your requested assignment until you are officially registered for the event.

    Autocross Event Chair
    – Frank Forcino

    Time and Scoring Chief
    – Cam Albea

    Novice Chief
    – Art Truckenbrodt

    Trailer Towing
    – Keith Young

    Setup: On site at 3:30
    – Brian Dickens
    – Josh Smathers
    – Dave Sluder
    – Preston Black

    Check-In and Waivers (2): On site at 4:30

    – Jack Brinkley

    Blowing course (2): On site at 5:00
    – Stephen Awald
    – Sawyer Awald

    Tech (3): On site at 5:00
    – Richard Dale
    – Mike Burke
    – Raj Aggarwal

    Novice stewards (2): On site at 5:30
    *These new positions will be under the supervision of the novice chief. The goal is to spend more time with first-timers to ensure they have a successful event and feel welcomed in the club
    – Ryan Cheek

    Worker steward (1): On site before drivers meeting
    – Debra Mercer

    Timing (2): On site before drivers meeting
    – Gabriel Bradley

    Teardown (2):

  • Rajat AggarwalRaj
    Post count: 7

    Tech please.

    Thank you

  • Josh SmathersJosh Smathers
    Post count: 15

    Put me down for setup please.

  • SAwaldSAwald
    Post count: 6

    Leaf blower please and thanks.

  • David SluderDavid Sluder
    Post count: 93

    Set up for me please

  • Preston BlackPreston59
    Post count: 56

    Preston Black will be there. Happy to do Junior Steward and Blow the course of a second person doesn’t sign up.

  • Gabriel BradleyGabriel Bradley
    Post count: 10

    Timing please. Thanks!

  • SawyerAwaldSawyerAwald
    Post count: 28

    I’ll help with blowing/cleaning the course. Thanks – Sawyer

  • Ryan Cheekbl_steel-Ryan
    Post count: 34

    In for novice steward. Thanks!

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