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  • Frank ForcinoFrank Forcino
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    This is the worker thread for the 2021 Night Series event #1 on March 9, 2021. Signing up for a worker assignment here will take the place of a worker assignment day-of.

    You must be signed up for the event before you request a worker assignment. You will not be granted your requested assignment until you are officially registered for the event.

    ^Note, if your assignment is in the trailer, you MUST wear a mask

    Autocross Event Chair
    – Frank Forcino

    Time and Scoring Chief
    – Cam Albea

    Novice Chief
    – Art Truckenbrodt

    Trailer Towing
    – Keith Young

    Course Setup (3): On site at 3:00
    – Josh Smathers
    – Brian Dickens

    Trailer and Misc. Setup (1): On site at 4:00-4:30

    Check-In and Waivers (2): On site at 4:30
    *We will be using Speedwaiver for this event. This worker will ensure everyone has completed their online speedwaiver before accessing the Ag Center premises.
    – Jack Brinkley
    – Kaelan Hinz

    Blowing course (2): On site at 5:00
    – Brandon Spake

    Tech (2): On site at 5:00
    – Richard Dale
    – Mike Burke

    Novice stewards (2): On site at 5:30
    *These new positions will be under the supervision of the novice chief. The goal is to spend more time with first-timers to ensure they have a successful event and feel welcomed in the club
    – Chris Polhamus

    Worker steward (1): On site before drivers meeting
    – Debra Mercer

    Timing (2): On site before drivers meeting
    – Cory O’Brien
    – Gabriel Bradley

    Teardown (2): Must stay until trailer is completely packed up

  • CoryOBrienCoryOBrien
    Post count: 17

    Can’t believe we’re back already! Excited to get out there and drive. Timing please!

  • Mike BurkeMike Burke
    Post count: 126


    If possible, please include me with the Tech Crew for the March 9th event.


    Mike Burke
    828 258-2442

  • Chris PolhamusChrisP
    Post count: 346

    Thanks Frank! I’ll likely stick
    around for tear down too.

  • Art Truckenbrodttrucke
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    Confirming for Novice Chief.

    I’m going to print off the novice list the day before the event and see if I can get around to each of them before novice walk-through. Looking to personally welcome them to HSCC, but also to let them know where to ask questions and that we offer out-of-car instruction to help them go even faster.

  • Brandon SpakeBrandon Spake
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    I’ll take course blowing

  • Wesley NicholsonWesley Nicholson
    Post count: 13

    Since there is no day series thread yet, I need to ask a question: Why is the day series limited to 50 people? Is it site specific? Day series needs to allow more people than the night series, Right?

    • Frank ForcinoFrank Forcino
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      The Franklin site is only allowing 50 participants on property at one time. That’s there rule now ours. The Ag center is allowing more. I’m not sure what you mean by needs more.

  • Gabriel BradleyGabriel Bradley
    Post count: 10

    I can help with tech if there’s an extra spot. If not, I can be a novice steward.

    • Frank ForcinoFrank Forcino
      Post count: 290

      How about timing, Gabriel? We do not need anOther tech.

  • Gabriel BradleyGabriel Bradley
    Post count: 10

    I can do timing

  • Preston BlackPreston59
    Post count: 55

    Sorry for the late reply. I will be there to serve as Junior Safety Steward and will be happy to help with trailer and misc. setup as well.



    • Frank ForcinoFrank Forcino
      Post count: 290

      Preston, could you help out blowing off /clearing the course? Thanks!

  • Sean BelangerSean Belanger
    Post count: 13

    Late to the party, I don’t see anyone on trailer setup so I’ll jump on that, or show up 3:30-4 and twiddle my thumbs because there isn’t a job to do.

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