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    January 2021 Zoom Meeting

    Membership is up and running for people to join. We do have money in the bank account with no big payments due right now. Next meeting will be via zoom. Frank F. motioned for Keith Y. to be in charge of marketing, sponsorship and advertisement for the club and was approved. Club president to be put on the club bank account and savings account. The night series schedule was approved. 11 events and participate in 6 to qualify for an award. Keith proposed splitting the day series by day(sat/sun) and having separate awards. Was voted on and not approved. The rule of being a member to only be able to vote was waved to vote this meeting. The day series will continue to be as usual. Still working to get dates approved for day series. Going to try single day events in a whole weekend and double events on the same day. Cameron is going to take charge of the business cards. Plan is to have a multi-year card and only put necessary information and direct people to our schedule. Cameron will also take on the start of a new hot spot account for the club. The forum will continue to be used for relaying info. A text may be sent to club officers to check the forum on urgent topics. Cameron is working to see about the Track of Asheville offering discounts to our members. Cameron proposed having a Facebook group and it was decided to table it. Cameron will also post in the forum to set-up a trailer clean out date before the season starts.

  • Cameron AlbeaCameron Albea
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    February 2021 Zoom Meeting

    Membership, we have 31 total memberships, 20 single and 11 family roughly. Financial report, we have money. The club now has a points bearing credit card on which recurring expenses will be charged and paid off the following month. Business cards have been designed and approved, just need to order them. Hotspot data plan hasn’t been established, but we’re looking into prepaid options using our old hotspot. Event points, all events this year as of this moment are points events and will contribute to a day series and night series points championship. Novices, we will redouble our effort to provide support to novices through the use of volunteers willing to help coach new drivers in our sport. Also decided was that annual tech requirements will be reduced to 1 year instead of 2 years experience. Keith has offered to tow for the night series. Brian dickens has offered to tow for day series, Cam can tow if provided a tow vehicle. Car guy garage sponsorship, we were offered an affiliate link to a website based out of chicago offering higher end car person merchandise. We’ve countered to see if he will be willing to sponsor a spot on the trailer in return. Some simple bright officer shirts are being looked into to more easily identify officers and officials at an event. Quotes will be retrieved once we have a rough idea of sizes needed.

  • Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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    March 2021 Zoom Meeting

    Sold 20 annual stickers. Membership is increasing. We have money. First night series went good. Cameron will order cards soon and new account for hot spot. Frank made a motion to go back to old refund policy and charging day of event. It was voted on and approved. We can have 60 entries plus staff at Franklin. We can have 100 entries for the night series. We will allow on-site registration again. Spectators are allowed at the Ag Center. Tabling the marketing for Franklin. Need to promote all sponsors at each event. Cones will be ordered and a bill send to us from ETR. Some pot holes have been filled at the Ag Center. Chris P. Is taking charge of trying to offer HSCC merchandise through TCS Printing. Annual tech form to be updated on website with new rule of 1 year driving experience. Mentioned to change tech location at night series. Brian to tow trailer to first day series. Frank will message Shannon about the annual tech form and promotion of Franklin.

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    How about being more definitive in the upcoming Meeting Minutes summaries i.e. profit/loss of recent events, equipment expenditures, etc. as well as the Club’s current overall financial condition?


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