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    January 2021 Zoom Meeting

    Membership is up and running for people to join. We do have money in the bank account with no big payments due right now. Next meeting will be via zoom. Frank F. motioned for Keith Y. to be in charge of marketing, sponsorship and advertisement for the club and was approved. Club president to be put on the club bank account and savings account. The night series schedule was approved. 11 events and participate in 6 to qualify for an award. Keith proposed splitting the day series by day(sat/sun) and having separate awards. Was voted on and not approved. The rule of being a member to only be able to vote was waved to vote this meeting. The day series will continue to be as usual. Still working to get dates approved for day series. Going to try single day events in a whole weekend and double events on the same day. Cameron is going to take charge of the business cards. Plan is to have a multi-year card and only put necessary information and direct people to our schedule. Cameron will also take on the start of a new hot spot account for the club. The forum will continue to be used for relaying info. A text may be sent to club officers to check the forum on urgent topics. Cameron is working to see about the Track of Asheville offering discounts to our members. Cameron proposed having a Facebook group and it was decided to table it. Cameron will also post in the forum to set-up a trailer clean out date before the season starts.

  • Cameron AlbeaCameron Albea
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    February 2021 Zoom Meeting

    Membership, we have 31 total memberships, 20 single and 11 family roughly. Financial report, we have money. The club now has a points bearing credit card on which recurring expenses will be charged and paid off the following month. Business cards have been designed and approved, just need to order them. Hotspot data plan hasn’t been established, but we’re looking into prepaid options using our old hotspot. Event points, all events this year as of this moment are points events and will contribute to a day series and night series points championship. Novices, we will redouble our effort to provide support to novices through the use of volunteers willing to help coach new drivers in our sport. Also decided was that annual tech requirements will be reduced to 1 year instead of 2 years experience. Keith has offered to tow for the night series. Brian dickens has offered to tow for day series, Cam can tow if provided a tow vehicle. Car guy garage sponsorship, we were offered an affiliate link to a website based out of chicago offering higher end car person merchandise. We’ve countered to see if he will be willing to sponsor a spot on the trailer in return. Some simple bright officer shirts are being looked into to more easily identify officers and officials at an event. Quotes will be retrieved once we have a rough idea of sizes needed.

  • Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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    March 2021 Zoom Meeting

    Sold 20 annual stickers. Membership is increasing. We have money. First night series went good. Cameron will order cards soon and new account for hot spot. Frank made a motion to go back to old refund policy and charging day of event. It was voted on and approved. We can have 60 entries plus staff at Franklin. We can have 100 entries for the night series. We will allow on-site registration again. Spectators are allowed at the Ag Center. Tabling the marketing for Franklin. Need to promote all sponsors at each event. Cones will be ordered and a bill send to us from ETR. Some pot holes have been filled at the Ag Center. Chris P. Is taking charge of trying to offer HSCC merchandise through TCS Printing. Annual tech form to be updated on website with new rule of 1 year driving experience. Mentioned to change tech location at night series. Brian to tow trailer to first day series. Frank will message Shannon about the annual tech form and promotion of Franklin.

  • Mike BurkeMike Burke
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    How about being more definitive in the upcoming Meeting Minutes summaries i.e. profit/loss of recent events, equipment expenditures, etc. as well as the Club’s current overall financial condition?


    Mike Burke
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  • Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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    April Zoom Meeting

    Want to increase numbers at Franklin but still have a maximum limit. The website was updated with the current covid policies. We have prepaid for many things and have a $640 charge coming up. We still have money in the account. Talked about charging more for Franklin and officers paying. Takes 55 paying members to cover the cost of Franklin. Want to visit where the donation for Franklin is being used next year before new contract. Talked about certain number of entries and possibly still holding event, charge at registration and offer no full refunds. Frank motioned to have 30 paying by Wednesday before event and decide about moving forward with event. It was tabled. Frank motioned to charge at registration and only offer refunds if HSCC cancels. It was voted on and passed. Tabled officers paying at the day series events. Going to reach out to Shannon about another promotion idea. There will be another pot hole repair meet up for the Ag Center.

  • Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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    May Zoom Meeting

    We currently have 23 family memberships and 58 single memberships. We have money in the bank. Night series went well. Zero progress on pothole repair. Need to fix cables to timing lights at next event. Motion by Cameron to attend 50% of day series events to qualify for a trophy which was voted on and approved. Going to shoot for 5 runs at the night series and push for workers to work quickly to switch out and keep our eye on time. Patti will get Lysol to have for next event to be used on the radios and loaner helmets if they get used. Crystal and Maverick proposed to not announce loaner helmets but allow use if someone comes up to ask for one. Lysol will be available to spray helmet after use.

  • Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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    June Zoom Meeting

    Financial report has been posted. We picked up 2 more sponsors. Cameron in-charge of timing repairs and to reach out to Steve E. Pot hold repair on hold. Need people to learn timing. Merchandise has been tabled and Chris in-charge. Need to schedule a trailer wash. Cones are in and getting picked up Sunday and paid for. Need to schedule a time to sort old cones. Cameron motioned to have a timing and scoring chief in place of a board of director position for 2022. Was voted on and approved.

    • Keith YoungTEAMEFFORT
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      OK, here is the cone update!

      In 2019 I ask Jeff Cox with ETR if HSCC could order some cones when ETR placed there next order. He said yes they would do that.
      Due to Covid we held off ordering in 2020 and waited to March of 2021 to place our order with (ETR) Jeff.
      Jeff Cox ordered 100 cones for HSCC on top of the annual ETR cone order for 2021.
      Yesterday I picked up in Bristol from the ETR Club 100 New Orange Cones.

      Thank you, Jeff Cox and ETR

  • Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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    July Zoom Meeting

    The past 2 night series were profitable while the past day series was a loss. Cones were swapped out and paid for. Timing fixes have been done. Thanks to Brian for making new cables for timing lights. No more breaker issues. The Brake spring failed and needs fixing. It is about $1200 estimated to fix. 2014/2015 was the last break job. Daniel S. to repair buddy bearings as well. Need more set-up and tear down people and talk about better ways at a later date. Need to train more people on timing. We can remove some covid restrictions from our website. Need to correct start times on day series events. Thanks to Shannon for keeping our website running. Tabling in-person meetings and Cam to reach out to who is in charge of that. Keith motioned to remove the late registration fee and was voted on and approved.

  • Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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    August Zoom Meeting

    We have money and sites are paid up. Part of the day series made money while all of the night series made money. Need extra keys for the trailer made. We have an extra brake assembly. Daniel S. donated his services to fix the trailer brakes. Tabled doing pot hole repair. Brian and Frank will be locating a location for our next meeting. New tag sticker on the trailer. Dave took T-links to repair. Tabling NCAA event. Keith wants a back-up timing chief and will revisit this at the September meeting. Chris helped write officer responsibilities and we will revisit them. Need a worker assignment to walk around with waivers during the event.

  • Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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    September Zoom Meeting

    We have money. 94 total memberships. Cameron will have some extra keys made for the trailer. Josh will be towing trailer for next day series. Plan is to set-up Friday with Frank and Josh to tow away on Monday. Will pay small monthly fee for speed waivers a couple months and then discuss at November meeting about when to cancel. Had to cancel a night series and because of this, Frank motioned to have eligibility bumped down to 5 qualifying events to receive a trophy for night series. Keith and Cameron approved and the rest voted yes. Need to make sure MotorSports Reg reflects correct people racing at each event. Frank is also sending emails along with automatic emails when someone’s credit card bounces and we don’t get payment right away. Pot hole repairs have been made but still need some more scheduled to fill. Cameron to check with Track of Asheville availability of having the October meeting there in-person. Keith will take on trophy task from Brian. Shannon will advertise for Sept day race in Franklin. October 1st officer nominations will open up online. Voting will take place in November for officers and allow people to vote online again this year.

  • Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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    October Zoom Meeting

    We have money in the bank account. The idea of a recording being played for sponsors was a good idea. Still need extra keys made. Keith got one pot hole repaired at Ag Center. Autocross chair person to configure points and Cameron can teach it. Still considering a timing and scoring chief. Old T-links holding strong. Need to buy new at antennas and will cost $10-$15 dollars. There are 3 good batteries for the display. Laptop is doing okay after one issue was found and fixed. Cameron purposed 2 events per day for all the 2022 day series. Raj mentioned having a driving school and club might be able to make that happen. Anyone interested in taking over advertising can see Keith for details. Tabling the idea of raising membership prices for next year. Talked about a 20% increase or rounding up just from that. Still waiting on some refund checks from cancelled event. Ladies class was briefly brought up and decided we didn’t need this time. The October 26th autocross will be a memorial event held in honor of Luke Armstrong. Club to possibly match donations up to $500 and donate to charity in his honor. Mentioned having a class-piggy class which would be a pax class for all and money could be paid to try to better chance your win in this class. Drew made some stickers to be passed out and was donated by SPS. Mention of a split autocross chair and Cameron would like to see only one.
    Officer Nominations are as follow:

    President: Justin McKee

    Vice President: Keith Young

    Timing and Scoring Chief: Brian Dickens

    Communications: Shannon Nicholson

    Secretary: Debra Mercer

    Membership: Brain Dickens, Bob Coon

    Treasure: Patti Young

    Autocross Chair: Preston Black, Frank Forcino

    Board of Directors: Katelynne Mercer, Daniel Semon, Ryan Cheek, Josh Smathers, Kevin Foley

  • Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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    November Zoom Meeting

    We have money. Made a profit of around $26 on tech stickers. Keith had extra keys made and the extra door keys didn’t work. Dave A. is requesting a copy of our software to check out the intermittent pauses in the T-links. Frank working on canceling speed waivers. Frank motioned to keep same price for doing both day events in one day(current total cost is $60 member & $70 non-member for both) and raise if someone only does one event for the day to $40 member and $45 non-member for 2022 day series events. Was voted on and approved. Frank motioned to raise membership cost to single membership cost of $25 and family membership cost of $35 for 2022. Was voted on and approved. The cancelled event got transferred to cover one of the October events. Keith ordered trophies and they should arrive by end of year. Keith was working on a location for end of year banquet. Potential dates are January 9th & 16th. Blue Ghost Brewery was available on the 16th. Keith proposed doing $10 for a single person and $25 for families to help cover the cost of the banquet and food. This price would include food and beverage(soda, tea, etc) but no alcoholic drinks. Keith requested for possible dates for next year’s schedule. Looking for 3 Saturdays and 3 Sundays for the day series. NCAC 2022 event was tabled for new officers to discuss. The money raised was donated to the Luke foundation of choice. Congrats to the new officers:

    Justin McKee

    Vice President:
    Keith Young

    Debra Mercer

    Patti Young

    Bob Coon

    Ryan Cheek

    Autocross Chair:
    Frank Forcino

    Timing and Scoring Chief:
    Brian Dickens

    Board of Directors:
    Preston Black
    Katelynne Mercer
    Josh Smathers

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