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    February Meeting
    Notes from the club meeting 2-12-2020

    It was approved for Cam to purchase new t-link antennas, also Cam will purchase new monitor mounts for the monitor in the club trailer.
    There was some talk of possibly upgrading the monitor in the trailer and a cable I believe was mentioned as well.

    The Banquet had a good turn out of just over 75 people this year. There were some nice Awards presented, Danial took pictures of award winners with a race themed background in the photo and they turned out great! There were several prize giveaways and our Club Sponsors for 2019 were recognized one last time.
    Thanks to some advance planning, bargain shopping, donations and some free volunteer labor, we were under our Banquet budget a little. (Thanks All)

    Points system change:
    New percentage point system was brought up February of 2019 and again this meeting and now will be implemented By Cam using the new Axware software in conjunction with live timing. This is the same points system used by many other established autocross clubs and is well recognized by many as a percentage point system.

    John Ward And Cam proposed a one time 20% discount code for people who haven’t participated in a HSCC Autocross for a long time, as a incentive to get them to return to the club and rekindle there interest in Auto-crossing with HSCC in 2020. It was approved and Shannon is working on how to do that.

    A one time 50% discount for your first time Autocross was also approved and Shannon is working on how to do that.

    Shannon purposed that the start time sequence be the same for DS & NS ———-“DS & NS schedule is the same”
    DS Event Schedule:
    Registration / Check-In: 8:00 – 9:00 am *
    Tech Inspection: 8:00 – 9:15 am
    Novice Walkthrough: 9:15 am
    Driver’s Meeting: 9:30 am
    First Vehicle Off: 10:00 am

    NS Event Schedule:
    Registration / Check-In: 5:00 – 6:15 pm *
    Tech Inspection: 5:00 – 6:15 pm **
    Novice Walkthrough: 6:15 pm
    Driver’s Meeting: 6:30 pm
    First Vehicle Off: 7:00 pm

    DS: Awards eligibility 3 to qualify, 4 counted as points.

    The 4th of July event for 2020 may or may not be part of the day series. It May be a stand alone event if we get it.

    Some new classes at HSCC for 2020
    *STM becomes XS-A and XS-B (advertise on Facebook)
    *KM minimum age is now 15 years old
    *JA (formerly JK) Age is 12 to 18 or 12 to 16 (I am not sure we voted on this?)
    *JB Age 8 to 12 (There are a number of restrictions for this class)
    *Jc Age 5 to 8 (There are a number of restrictions for this class)

    Keith was voted to be in charge of Club and Trailer Advertising (Sponsors for 2020)

    Keith will purchase new trailer tong jack for Club Trailer.

    On demand HSCC T-shirts through TCS Printing is still a possibility we can discuss in the future.

    I think it has been 2 or more years since the club bought any Orange Cones. We put this on hold for 2019. Orange Cones will need to be purchased at some point this year. (About 100)

    Date for trailer clean-out and consolidation TBA

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