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    • Keith YoungTEAMEFFORT
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      February Meeting
      Notes from the club meeting 2-12-2020

      It was approved for Cam to purchase new t-link antennas, also Cam will purchase new monitor mounts for the monitor in the club trailer.
      There was some talk of possibly upgrading the monitor in the trailer and a cable I believe was mentioned as well.

      The Banquet had a good turnout of just over 75 people this year. There were some nice Awards presented, Danial took pictures of award winners with a race themed background in the photo and they turned out great! There were several prize giveaways and our Club Sponsors for 2019 were recognized one last time.
      Thanks to some advance planning, bargain shopping, donations and some free volunteer labor, we were under our Banquet budget a little. (Thanks All)

      Points system change:
      New percentage point system was brought up February of 2019 and again this meeting and now will be implemented By Cam using the new Axware software in conjunction with live timing. This is the same points system used by many other established autocross clubs and is well recognized by many as a percentage point system.

      John Ward and Cam proposed a onetime 20% discount code for people who haven’t participated in a HSCC Autocross for a long time, as an incentive to get them to return to the club and rekindle their interest in Auto-crossing with HSCC in 2020. It was approved and Shannon is working on how to do that.

      A onetime 50% discount for your first time Autocross was also approved and Shannon is working on how to do that.

      Shannon purposed that the start time sequence be the same for DS & NS ———-“DS & NS schedule is the same”
      DS Event Schedule:
      Registration / Check-In: 8:00 – 9:00 am *
      Tech Inspection: 8:00 – 9:15 am
      Novice Walk-through: 9:15 am
      Driver’s Meeting: 9:30 am
      First Vehicle Off: 10:00 am

      NS Event Schedule:
      Registration / Check-In: 5:00 – 6:15 pm *
      Tech Inspection: 5:00 – 6:15 pm **
      Novice Walk-through: 6:15 pm
      Driver’s Meeting: 6:30 pm
      First Vehicle Off: 7:00 pm

      DS: Awards eligibility 3 to qualify, 4 counted as points.

      The 4th of July event for 2020 may or may not be part of the day series. It May be a standalone event if we get it.

      Some new classes at HSCC for 2020
      *STM becomes XS-A and XS-B (advertise on Facebook)
      *KM minimum age is now 15 years old
      *JA (formerly JK) Age is 12 to 18 or 12 to 16 (I am not sure we voted on this?)
      *JB Age 8 to 12 (There are a number of restrictions for this class)
      *JC Age 5 to 8 (There are a number of restrictions for this class)

      Keith was voted to be in charge of Club and Trailer Advertising (Sponsors for 2020)

      Keith will purchase new trailer tong jack for Club Trailer.

      On demand HSCC T-shirts through TCS Printing is still a possibility we can discuss in the future.

      I think it has been 2 or more years since the club bought any Orange Cones. We put this on hold for 2019. Orange Cones will need to be purchased at some point this year. (About 100)

      Date for trailer clean-out and consolidation TBA

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    • Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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      March Meeting
      Motion approved to change authorized signatures on bank account and was approved for old names to be taken off and 4 names be added: Daniel S., Chris P., Keith Y., John A. Trailer clean out sign-up is on the Forum for this Sunday to make that happen. Motion was made to take away the TRSS school event and was approved. Going to table how to move forward on the motor sports reg members. Motion made to repair the other 3 brakes on the trailer and was approved to be done. Daniel S. will do the repair. Daniel S. will be in charge of creating the meeting agenda. Advertising committee is looking for more volunteers and currently has Frank F., Daniel S. and Shannon N. Chris P. will take over ordering t-link antennas. T-shirts and other apparel were approved to be available for order. Club will buy one of each for display. Will check on designs and finalize them. Shannon will add links for ordering. Tech stickers will still sell for $3 and Richard D. will be in charge of selling them. Any helmets that are old and falling apart will be tossed. Will announce for people to donate old helmets if they are buying new ones. Tech is still in charge of making sure numbers are being properly displayed. Membership chair position is open and will be announced until filled. We will purchase cones this year with ETR’s order. There are still sponsor spots left on trailer.

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    • Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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      April Meeting

      Trailer clean out was a success. We have 300 usable cones. Cone purchase and any other future purchases that are not necessary, will be put on hold to see how the season starts this year. Insurance was cancelled for all events that could not happen due to closures of facilities we use. Will look into a lifetime tag at tag renewal and compare costs. Bank form still needs to be turned in once things open back up. Current signatures of some can still be done. Will decide by next meeting about May event. Voting will open for officers on May 1st and go to the 5th/7th. Talked about splitting events at day series to have morning and afternoon to see if better attendance could occur. Marketing team will come up with a small poster design that will be ready to print when permission is given. Talked about marketing team reaching out to car clubs to host an Autocross at their event and this helping the club bring in revenue for future events. John A. will check on a few extra dates for Franklin to be used or possibly shared with other car clubs to help make-up events.

    • Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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      May Meeting

      No new income and paying normal monthly bills. No new members have signed up. Voted to cancel May event. We can borrow 3 different T-links to try before we buy. Parts will be ordered soon for trailer repairs and will be completed before first event. A feed on the message board will be created to post info about new sites if anyone has ideas. Voted to add date of June 21st at Franklin to have two events that weekend. One on June 20th and one on June 21st in Franklin. Cameron and Frank will be doing a webinar to learn about E-waivers on motorsports reg. There will be an officer meeting to finalize safety and health protocols at future events. Items to be discussed:
      -When personal protective equipment is required.
      -No spectators and only participants. Putting up signs and posting on Motorsport Reg
      -Moving check-in to main gates and keeping a worker there at all times.
      -What the Max on participants can be and possibly limiting to members only.
      -Disinfecting worker stations
      -No loaner helmets
      -Possibly charging before events and not offering refunds since the number of participants will be limited.
      -Allowing people to buy/bring their own worker vest and not allowing vests to be shared.
      -And any other topics that need to be discussed.
      To thank HPT Autosports for their sponsorship, a Dino day may be organized. Looking into new meeting location at the American Legend building in Oteen. This will allow social distancing and food can be brought to the facility. Also looking into offering a zoom meeting interaction for those who can’t be at the building but want to attend the meetings. Membership officer still needs to be filled. David S. may be able to continue in this position.

    • Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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      June Meeting

      We made money at the first night series Autocross. By laws will be checked on all officer duties and will discuss any changes that need to be made at next meeting. The next Autocross will be split into 4 different events. June 20 & June 21 and will be limited to 25 non-refundable paying entries. No points. No spectators. Next car club meeting will be held at the American Legend Building.

    • Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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      July Meeting

      We made money at each event so far. Have about 75 members. Next 2 day series(July 19th & Aug 8th) will be split into 2 sessions for the day. Was motioned and voted on. It was decided to not do points this year. We have been moved to 2022 to host the NCAC event. Still need to do brakes on the trailer. We need new antennas for T-Links and would like to borrow some to try out before buying. Need to buy two T-Link chargers. We need to order a few more radios. It was authorized to buy a multi-charger for radios.

    • Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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      August Meeting

      Last 2 events were not profitable. Talked about operation costs and understanding when to apply to events. Yearly operation costs can be added and divided by 12 to get a monthly cost to add to report of event costs. Membership chair could appoint a novice steward job. Heather W. will continue to race as an officer for the work she does with novice retention and this was voted on and approved. Will go back and look at officer duties and make changes if necessary. Will determine by Tuesday Aug 18th about the Sept. 5 Autocross in Franklin. Cameron motioned to have Keith contact Franklin about other dates for the day series. Keith said he would. Keith motioned for Frank to ask if ETR is ordering cones this year and to confirm order if the price is reasonable. 2nd by Art and approved by all. E-waivers are good to go to be used for any autocross. Still looking into future meeting sites. Ones mentioned are French Fryz, Cornerstone Restaurant and Legion Building. Frank asked about possibly changing meeting time if we decide to meet in person.

    • Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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      September 2020 Meeting

      The club didn’t make money at the last day series. Officers that paid for membership this year will be refunded since the policy in place allows officers to have a membership. Looking at October 18th or November 1st as a possible makeup date for the day series. Keith is checking on those dates. We have the new trailer tag. It was voted on and approved to have anyone signing up for worker assignments ahead of time to be registered for that race before the worker assignment can be given. A message will be included in the thread for early worker assignments about this. Our CD isn’t growing good interest. Will be looking into the money market and other options to maximize the interest. This can be done in December. Next month will be nominations for officers. Voted and approved to make sure no refunds on future events because events have to be limited. Could possibly change location on the club’s mailbox to Fletcher next year. Cameron mentioned to reach out to The Track of Asheville for partnership opportunities. The Track of Asheville is a sims racing venue. It was voted on and approved. Shannon will be reached about this contact. A club member(Hunter) who is also a Realtor wants to sponsor an a future autocross. Cameron is going to work on the details for this to happen.

    • Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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      October 2020 meeting

      We had a profitable last night series of the season. North Carolina moving to phase 3 allows for more people at Franklin. Motion was made and passed to drop speed waivers on all future events. Checking on prices of hot spots. Will be looking at job descriptions of officers and possibly be clarifying roles. Cameron motioned for this to be tabled till the December meeting. Motion made by Daniel to move CD to a money market and put 2 names on it. This was approved. Debra and Shannon will create the ballot for the voting of officers. Voting will be held November 4th to November 11th. Current nominations are as follows:
      President – Cameron Albea
      Vice President – Cameron Albea, Daniel Semon, Keith Young
      Autocross Chair – Frank Forcino
      Secretary – Debra Mercer
      Communications – Shannon Nicholson
      Membership – Chris Polhamus
      Treasurer – Patti Young
      Board of Directors (4 positions) – Justin McKee, Kalean Hinz, Chris Polhamus, Brian Dickson, Cory O’brian

    • Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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      November 2020 Meeting

      Hot spot was cancelled and will be getting a new one next year. Won’t be having in-person meetings due to Governor’s restrictions. Was motioned and approved for the December meeting to meet via zoom at 7:15pm. Generator and leaf blowers were winterized. Will order cones through Cameron’s contact in March/April 2021. Checking into apps for communication of officers and will discuss next meeting. Vice President to start working on 2021 schedule. Possibly due less events in beginning of the year and more later in the year. Consider day series to start out events and consider limits if needed. Also scheduling some test and tunes. Was tabled to December.

    • Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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      December 2020 Meeting

      Elected officers for 2021 Season are as follows:
      President-Cameron Albea
      Vice President-Keith Young
      Secretary-Debra Mercer
      Treasurer-Patti Young
      Membership-Brian Dickens
      Communications-Shannon Nicholson
      Autocross Chair-Frank Forcino
      Serving as Exofficio member of the board-Daniel Semon
      Board of Directors-
      Justin McKee
      Kaelan Hinz
      Chris Polhamus
      Membership is good and will open again for 2021 season. We have money in the bank. We discussed confirming on all eleven events at the AG Center. Discussed doing some volunteer work for the AG Center to patch holes in parking lot. The club President will now be on the bank account as well. Tabling day series events talk about cost, double events and double weekends. Also how to do trophies for next year. Need to determine dates first and then cost for day events. We need more Facebook ads and trying the recruitment plan again with flyers ready to go when dates of events are decided. Need to decide who might want to take charge of advertising for 2021 and it was decided to table until next month. It was motioned, voted on and passed to have a business meeting on January 13th, 2021 at 7:15pm. All contact info needs to be updated for new officers. Ladies class was mentioned but not agreed on.

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