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  • John ArnstT-WRX
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    This is the worker thread for Night Series 6. Signing up for a worker assignment here will take the place of a worker assignment day-of. Please make sure to check in with the worker steward at some point throughout the evening.

    Trailer Towing/Cone Layout (2): On site at 3:00-3:30
    – Keith Young
    – Mike Russell

    Setup (2): On site at 4:00-4:30
    – Kaelan Hinz
    – Sydney Epter
    – Gary Black

    Waivers (2): On site at 4:30-5:00
    – Jack Brinkley
    – David Sluder

    Check-In (1): On site at 4:30-5:00
    – Frank Forcino

    Blowing course (2): On site at 5:00
    – Kristopher Hinz
    – Cory O’Brien

    Tech (1-2): On site at 5:00
    – John Ward
    – Shannon Nicholson
    – Mike Burke

    Novice steward (1): On site at 5:30

    Worker steward (1): On site before drivers meeting
    – Debra Mercer

    Timing (2): On site before drivers meeting
    – Heather Ward

    Announcing (2): On site before drivers meeting
    – Tim Brady

    Teardown (4):
    – Chris Polhamus
    – Cully Crott
    – Kyle Andersen

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  • John WardComposiMo
    Post count: 39

    Heather Ward: Timing
    John Ward: Tech


  • Frank ForcinoFrank Forcino
    Post count: 257

    Frank for check in

  • kwhinzkwhinz
    Post count: 25

    Kristopher Hinz can help blow the course, if no other drivers volunteer for that job.

  • Kaelan HinzKaelan Hinz
    Post count: 16

    I can do setup.

    Kaelan Hinz (JK-2)

  • Shannon NicholsonShannon Nicholson
    Post count: 314

    Tech, please.

  • Mike BurkeMike Burke
    Post count: 121


    If possible, please include me with the Tech Crew.


    Mike Burke
    CSP #55

  • Art Truckenbrodttrucke
    Post count: 43

    Hey folks! I’m going to miss this one. Have a family matter to address. I’m sure someone will step up to be Novice Steward.

  • RombaRomba
    Post count: 11

    David Romba – teardown

    Sydney Epter – setup

  • Chris PolhamusChrisP
    Post count: 341

    I’ll help tear down and anything else.

  • Keith YoungTEAMEFFORT
    Post count: 927

    Gary Black can help with setup. Please

  • Tim_BradyTim_Brady
    Post count: 2

    I’m in for announcing.

    DS 4

  • RombaRomba
    Post count: 11

    Scratch David Romba from teardown, please. Something came up and I can’t make it, sorry!

  • Kyle AndersenKyle Andersen
    Post count: 1

    Please place Cully Crott and Kyle Andersen on teardown.


  • CoryOBrienCoryOBrien
    Post count: 17

    I’ll be there early, and can blow the course.
    Cory O’Brien – ES 96

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