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    • Mike BurkeMike Burke
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      Hello All,

      REF: 2019 Class Trophies

      Congratulations to Keith Young and whoever assisted with the design and production of the subject awards! Having earned HSCC trophies each year beginning in 2005, the 2019 awards are the most attractive and tasteful ever received!!!

      Thank You!

      Mike Burke

    • Keith YoungTEAMEFFORT
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      Thanks Mike

      Cameron Albea and Shannon Nicholson did all the leg work finding photos of as many award winners as possible.
      Cameron Photoshop-ed the HSCC Logo on them and Shannon Printed them and sent the ready to install photos to me.

      I want to thank Patti my wife for allowing me to invade her craft room for several days for the assembling, organizing,and packing process.

      I hope you enjoy your 2019 HSCC Award For years to come Mike.

      See you at the Races.

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