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    Attention, last night we decided to change how we run Novice Class. This new structure will be added to the updated rules shortly. The goal is to lower the barrier of entry, eliminate first-timer confusion and to encourage people to participate in more than 1 event. Competitors meeting the minimum requirements for event attendance will be eligible for year-end awards. Don’t worry about classing, we can help with that later. A newcomer to the sport is not required to run in Novice.

    The new Novice Rules:

    Competitors are eligible for novice class if they have run three or fewer autocross events before the beginning of the autocross season. If a novice wins an open class at an autocross event, the driver is no longer eligible for novice class. No competitor is required to compete in novice. Novice uses Raw time to determine overall finishing position. The novice class will be split up as necessary to balance run groups. Novice group assignments will be announced at check in, during drivers meeting, or posted on the trailer for review. All entrants in the novice class must have a unique number. Class will be shown as an N, followed by the car number (N 28, N 128, N 42, etc.).

    Your car must pass tech inspection and have legible numbers and letters. Don’t worry about classing, just come out and have fun. For those already registered for the first event, we have reclassed you to this new format. Please feel free to post questions.


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