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    This thread is a placeholder for the HSCC meeting minutes. 

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    Febuary Meeting

    The banquet had good attendance. Trailer door has been fixed. The new computer will be loaded soon with new software once the final desicion is made on which program to use for timing. Training dates will follow to get familiar with everything. Need to schedule a trailer clean out before first race. Will be looking into good car stickers to be made and sold with club logo. Also new decals to be placed on trailer. Need to confirm dates for towing trailer to Franklin. Mark will check on 2018 annual tech stickers.

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    March Meeting

    We have confirmed towing for Franklin. Axware has been purchased, installed and bugs fixed for better operation on the new computer. Annual stickers have been ordered as well as a club sticker that will be available for purchase. The membership issue is being worked on. All events will now be open to register but will still have the deadline. Fun Runs will be discussed at the start of each day series. It will also be promoted before race day and reminding people to bring cash.

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    April Meeting

    Need to advertise that we don’t charge credit cards even if you register and don’t race. Advertising will be done for the fun runs for the day series which will cost $2 each fun run. Stickers are ready for purchase and will be $2. Towing is confirmed for first day series event. When there is plenty of workers, we will start placing extras in places that could use some training. Will be watching data usage for registration and adjust data plan if needed. Annual tech stickers are available and cost $1. Looking at starting fun runs during day series around 2pm.

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    May Meeting

    All walkies have been relabeled and programmed to work on the same channel. Need to schedule a trailer clean out. Going to look into how to remove the old graphics off the trailer so it can be washed and ready for new graphics. The 4 runs before lunch and the 4 runs after will remain the same for the day series. If more runs can be added, it will be after lunch. At the end of this year, it will be time to refresh 100 cones. The tape is not coming back after being borrowed from the trailer so there will now be a sign in/out sheet for the tape.

    Drew is leaving so a Board of Directors position opens up. Nominations can be posted on the forum under the designated post. The  vote will take place at the June meeting. Also, we will decide on a trophy for the most ‘MERICA and other categories to judge on. The desicion for collecting a donation and who will recieve it will be decided on as well. The July 4th day series event will be promoted the month of June.

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    June Meeting 

    Another trailer tire had to be replaced. Set goal to have trailer cleaned and ready for new vinyl by July 4th. To use live timing, we would have to pay a monthly fee or find a one payment option. David Sluder was voted in for the open Board of Directors position. Going to continue to ask workers to stack cones near their station at end of each race. The night series will have a person at finish with the waiver form. A statement will be added for the ones that sign up for early/set-up positions that states you may have to work again if needed to continue a race later in the day. Cody and Daniel will make trophies for 4th of July race. Possibilities for a trophy could be best dressed, best decorated car, and people’s choice for award.

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    July Meeting

    The donation to the Fire Department will be $500 from our July 4th event. Going to cap the number of drivers at 100 for the Ag Center events because of the space for staging cars. We need to purchase a FM transmitter. One hundred cones will be ordered at the end of the year and possibly some more worker vests. There will be a limit to only 2 drivers per car unless special permission has been granted. Class STM will now be an option and it carries a PAX of 1. Officers will vote on the sound of a car if it sounds like it exceeds what is allowed. At that point, the sound device can be used to measure sound levels and can’t exceed the 100 level. The Autocross Chair will be the only one to make the final decisions about a coarse change. Concerns should be expressed to the Autocross Chair for consideration. Be looking for the Teen Street Survival event sign-up on Facebook and the forum. We need general volunteers and instructors. There is a online certification to become a instructor.

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    August Meeting 

    Progress is being made on the FM transmitter. Vinyl will be donated to cover the trailer. This frees up money to order new worker vests. There will be space on the trailer to sale for advertisement during the season. All logos will have to be approved by the officers. All Kart drivers need to be following the proper clothing attire for races. Rules are on our website. Need to promote tire rack school for more participants and for volunteers.

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    September Meeting 

    Vinyl is almost done on trailer. Looking into cost of worker vests, cones and banners with club name. Still looking at live timing options. Tire Rack school and autocross was voted on and was decided to cancel due to safety concerns. Keith will be in charge of Cars and Karts FTD trophies this year.


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    October Meeting 

    It was brought up about using the back lot at the AG Center. Someone will ask about it. The club purchased 50 new reflector vests at just over a $1 a piece. There will be someone assigned to revise our constitution. Space was secured on the trailer for advertisement for next year which earns money for the club. Still need to order 100 cones and look into cost of banner. There will be a charge for the banquet this year. A new venue was brought up so someone will be looking into it to give feedback. It is nomination time for next years positions and are as follows:

    President-Daniel S.

    Vice President-Cody J. , John A.

    Autocross Chair-Cody J.

    Communications-Shannon N.

    Membership-David S.

    Treasurer-Luke A.

    Secretary-Debra M.

    Board of Directors (4 positions)- Mark W. , Chris P. , Keith Y. , Patty Y. , Jack B.

    Nominations will be open till day before next meeting on November 14th when voting will take place. You can nominate on the message board or hscc Facebook page.


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    Sound Guy
    Sound Guy

    November Meeting

    The back lot at the Ag Center has been ruled out due to condition of surface.  Awards for the Banquet this year will be Plaques with a picture of the award winners car.  We will contact winners and ask them to pick the picture they want from the Highlands Photo site.  A photo give away will be held at the Banquet for all non officers (1 – 2 names will be drawn). Officers will begin work on the 2019 Schedule, hopefully to be completed by the November meeting.  In addition to the award plaques, an additional award for first place is being investigated (pending the cost). Erich will order 100 cones (@ $7.50ea).  Order to be placed in the next few weeks.  Looking into having a 2 day event early in the 2019 season to include a school/test-n-tune on Saturday and first Autocross on Sunday (date to be determined).  Elections were held and the results are as follows:

    President-Daniel Semon

    Vice President- John Arnst

    Autocross Chair-Cody Jenkins

    Communications-Shannon Nicholson

    Membership-David Sluder

    Treasurer-Luke Armstrong

    Secretary-Debra Mercer

    Board of Directors- Mark Wall, Chris Polhamus, Keith Young, Cameron Albea


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    December Meeting 

    Still looking into cones. Sample cone was too hard for car contact. The schedule still needs to be finalized which John and Mark are working on.  The plaques order will be checked on again. Quote and order date have not been confirmed. Checking into price of engraving extra words on plaques versus having someone take the time to add word details to each photo. Going to confirm on Two Guys Pizza in Hendersonville for the banquet. Will be the date of January 13th from 3pm-6pm. Cost of $10 per person with max of 3 or more in the same family to total $25. If you are getting an award, email was sent out to select what picture you want. If you don’t select one, then one will be chosen for you. Working on the prizes for the drawing of meeting attendance for the year. Still looking into live timing and that task has been given to Cameron and John. Luke to look into insuring the trailer and/or contents.

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