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  • Cameron AlbeaCameron Albea
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    This is the worker thread for Day Series 7. Signing up for a worker assignment here will take the place of a worker assignment day-of. Please make sure to check in with the worker steward at some point throughout the day.

    Trailer Towing (1):
    – Ryan Cotton

    Setup (4-5):
    – John “The ND is overrated” Ward

    – Emily Stafford
    – Jack Brinkley

    Jack of All Trades (1):
    – Mark Wall

    Check-In (1):
    -Frank “I know how to check in AND charge people now!” Forcino

    ***This is a new position that involves using the iPad to check-in competitors at the gate. Very easy, but we need to get a few people trained.

    Blowing course (2):
    – Sawyer “The Slower” Awald
    – Stephen “The Faster” Awald

    Tech (3-4):
    – John “For god’s sake, use more than ONE zip tie on your fender liner” Arnst

    Novice steward (1):

    Worker steward (1):
    – Ryan Cheek

    Timing (2):
    – Piggy Pax (You had better…)
    – Bill Hightower (I’m guessing?)

    Announcing (2):

    Teardown (4):
    – Nick Polhamus
    – Chris Polhamus

  • Frank ForcinoFrank Forcino
    Post count: 257

    Frank for Check in and

    Emily Stafford for waivers


  • Luke ArmstrongTheSnuggler
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    Piggy pax for announcing.  Will censor all burping.

  • Chris PolhamusChrisP
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    Tear down for Nick and Chris.  Timing if needed.

  • E, Ryan Cheekbl_steel-Ryan
    Post count: 31

    Ryan Cheek for worker steward, please.

  • John WardComposiMo
    Post count: 39

    Setup Please…

  • berryhillncberryhillnc
    Post count: 6

    Timing please, thanks Bill H

  • John ArnstT-WRX
    Post count: 115

    Tech for me.

  • SawyerAwaldSawyerAwald
    Post count: 27

    Steve and Sawyer Awald for blowing the course.




  • Jack BrinkleyJack Brinkley
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    Waivers for me, please…thanks

  • Cory Pittmancorycp
    Post count: 12

    Announcing for Cody Jenkins please.

  • Chris PolhamusChrisP
    Post count: 341

    Nick won’t be attending after all.

    EDIT: Nick WILL be working, if he’s lucky he’ll get to compete too……


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