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  • Kaelan HinzKaelan Hinz
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    Hello all!

    Recently, the centering spring in my Mazdaspeed Miata’s transmission broke. It already had 3rd/4th/reverse synchro issues, and, seeing as rebuild parts don’t exist* (as far as I know), its life is basically over. I assume that my options include finding another 6spd to put in it, or just settling for a 5spd.

    My main question:
    Which choice will optimize net gain in terms of the car’s value? I know finding a 5spd will be far cheaper/easier than finding a 6spd, but I’m assuming that the car will be worth a good bit less with a 5spd in it (especially considering the fact that it came with a 6spd from the factory).

    Also, if anyone knows of any reputable sources where I might find either a 6spd or a 5spd (preferably with some sort of warranty), please let me know.

    Kaelan Hinz

    *A transmission rebuild quote I got was $950 for labor only, not including parts. So, even if they do exist, that’s basically out of the question.

  • Mike BurkeMike Burke
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    Hello Kaelan,

    You might try Steve Bertok at Panic Motorsports in West Columbia, SC – 803 261-7629. Panic is THE GO TO shop for Miata parts and service in the Southeast.

    Mike Burke
    828 258-2442

    • Kaelan HinzKaelan Hinz
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      Thanks Mr. Burke! I’ll check it out.

  • Chris PolhamusChris Polhamus
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    Swap a 5 speed in now and keep the 6 speed for future repair or include with the car when you’re ready to sell.

    My limited understanding of Miatas is that the 5 speed is better for autocross anyway.

    Have you talked to Daniel Semon?

    • Kaelan HinzKaelan Hinz
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      That’s what I was thinking too. I have talked to him, and he was basically saying the same thing.

  • Keith YoungTEAMEFFORT
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    Good luck Kaelan, hope to see it running soon!

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