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So this found its way home today…

Took the chance to drain the secondary transmission fluid reservoir before I loaded it up. This reservoir is often forgotten and failure to change the fluid in it has been cited as one of the reasons these transmissions are prone to failure. Luckily, it was as fresh as the oil I removed from the main reservoir last year, with very minimal metal shavings on the drain plug (seriously, less than my civic had at its 80k service.)

Back at HQ…


Anyway, what’s happening now? Now is the best chance I have to catalog the sensors that need replacing on the transmission and start it up. The transmission was in the corner of Daniels shop, so I never had the chance to do this previously. I also have a buddy coming over saturday¬†to help me plan out everything needed for the megasquirt install, including sensors and what not. Once that’s figured out and ordered, it’s time to get the new turbo and get a new manifold made or an adapter plate fabricated.

Finally going somewhere on this, can’t wait!