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Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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April 2022 Zoom Meeting

We have money. 106 memberships. Still need to reach out to Dave. Raj donated brake fluid and we are to come up with an idea to give it out. 55 tech stickers have been sold. Tech worked to help make numbers better. Keith is looking for a 6-7 gallon bucket. We sold out of all the hats and tabling if we will reorder more. The last day series events overlaps with NCAC. Plan so far is to keep our dates. Frank motioned to charge at time of registration on motor sports reg and up hold our 24 hour cancellation policy. Was voted on and approved. Will be posted on the website and other places to get the word out. Ryan will help with making sure all posts are up. Will leave waitlist active. Keith proposed for our donation at the end of the year be made to the Ag Center. Preston made a motion and this was voted on and approved. Brian will order a computer and set it up in the trailer for permit use. This will update things for us. It will cost $600-$650. Preston motioned to approve this purchase and was voted on and approved. Events went good with improvement to the night series. Will need to park trailer differently to keep from driving on grass. Will make a new music list to play on new computer. Grid and driver’s meeting will be reminding workers to report immediately. Hoping to shave some time between run groups.