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Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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February 2022 Zoom Meeting

We have money and 28 total memberships so far for 2022. We stayed in budget for banquet and have paid for the first 2 events. Tabling timing with David. Found one low battery for T-link. Flags are fixed, awning still needs to be repaired, and items will be de-winterized before first event. Brian will archive old results and update sponsors on website. A sponsor link will be added at the top of the website for easy access. Frank mentioned to remove paper forms off website and just have some available to fill out in-person. Tabling selling hats and possibly giving some away. Wanting to do more emails and follow-up phone calls. Frank plans to possibly reach out to the Western Car Club. Tabling till October for a possible Teen Street Survival School for next year(2023). We won’t host one this year.