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Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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November Zoom Meeting

We have money. Made a profit of around $26 on tech stickers. Keith had extra keys made and the extra door keys didn’t work. Dave A. is requesting a copy of our software to check out the intermittent pauses in the T-links. Frank working on canceling speed waivers. Frank motioned to keep same price for doing both day events in one day(current total cost is $60 member & $70 non-member for both) and raise if someone only does one event for the day to $40 member and $45 non-member for 2022 day series events. Was voted on and approved. Frank motioned to raise membership cost to single membership cost of $25 and family membership cost of $35 for 2022. Was voted on and approved. The cancelled event got transferred to cover one of the October events. Keith ordered trophies and they should arrive by end of year. Keith was working on a location for end of year banquet. Potential dates are January 9th & 16th. Blue Ghost Brewery was available on the 16th. Keith proposed doing $10 for a single person and $25 for families to help cover the cost of the banquet and food. This price would include food and beverage(soda, tea, etc) but no alcoholic drinks. Keith requested for possible dates for next year’s schedule. Looking for 3 Saturdays and 3 Sundays for the day series. NCAC 2022 event was tabled for new officers to discuss. The money raised was donated to the Luke foundation of choice. Congrats to the new officers:

Justin McKee

Vice President:
Keith Young

Debra Mercer

Patti Young

Bob Coon

Ryan Cheek

Autocross Chair:
Frank Forcino

Timing and Scoring Chief:
Brian Dickens

Board of Directors:
Preston Black
Katelynne Mercer
Josh Smathers