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updated price offering

$200; owner wants to turn wrenches on all adjustments; full corner balance and 4wheel alignment

I get asked a lot and finding there are more customers willing to wrench on their car. Besides usually owners already installed the parts and knows them well. Another I get asked a lot is how long does it take. It can vary quite a bit but generally 5hrs. I ask to plan on a day cause might be able to fix an issue during the process. Once scheduled my normal response is however long it takes cause that’s how I am.
There’s no set specs here like an alignment shop. If you want something custom and have adjustability then it can be setup however you want.
There’s general guidelines of what a racer would want vs a street only car.

Beer offerings will still cut a little extra off.

Repeat customers are half price. This way if make changes or have to replace a part it’s not full price to get setup again.