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Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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July Zoom Meeting

The past 2 night series were profitable while the past day series was a loss. Cones were swapped out and paid for. Timing fixes have been done. Thanks to Brian for making new cables for timing lights. No more breaker issues. The Brake spring failed and needs fixing. It is about $1200 estimated to fix. 2014/2015 was the last break job. Daniel S. to repair buddy bearings as well. Need more set-up and tear down people and talk about better ways at a later date. Need to train more people on timing. We can remove some covid restrictions from our website. Need to correct start times on day series events. Thanks to Shannon for keeping our website running. Tabling in-person meetings and Cam to reach out to who is in charge of that. Keith motioned to remove the late registration fee and was voted on and approved.