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Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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April Zoom Meeting

Want to increase numbers at Franklin but still have a maximum limit. The website was updated with the current covid policies. We have prepaid for many things and have a $640 charge coming up. We still have money in the account. Talked about charging more for Franklin and officers paying. Takes 55 paying members to cover the cost of Franklin. Want to visit where the donation for Franklin is being used next year before new contract. Talked about certain number of entries and possibly still holding event, charge at registration and offer no full refunds. Frank motioned to have 30 paying by Wednesday before event and decide about moving forward with event. It was tabled. Frank motioned to charge at registration and only offer refunds if HSCC cancels. It was voted on and passed. Tabled officers paying at the day series events. Going to reach out to Shannon about another promotion idea. There will be another pot hole repair meet up for the Ag Center.