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December 2020 Meeting

Elected officers for 2021 Season are as follows:
President-Cameron Albea
Vice President-Keith Young
Secretary-Debra Mercer
Treasurer-Patti Young
Membership-Brian Dickens
Communications-Shannon Nicholson
Autocross Chair-Frank Forcino
Serving as Exofficio member of the board-Daniel Semon
Board of Directors-
Justin McKee
Kaelan Hinz
Chris Polhamus
Membership is good and will open again for 2021 season. We have money in the bank. We discussed confirming on all eleven events at the AG Center. Discussed doing some volunteer work for the AG Center to patch holes in parking lot. The club President will now be on the bank account as well. Tabling day series events talk about cost, double events and double weekends. Also how to do trophies for next year. Need to determine dates first and then cost for day events. We need more Facebook ads and trying the recruitment plan again with flyers ready to go when dates of events are decided. Need to decide who might want to take charge of advertising for 2021 and it was decided to table until next month. It was motioned, voted on and passed to have a business meeting on January 13th, 2021 at 7:15pm. All contact info needs to be updated for new officers. Ladies class was mentioned but not agreed on.

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