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Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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October 2020 meeting

We had a profitable last night series of the season. North Carolina moving to phase 3 allows for more people at Franklin. Motion was made and passed to drop speed waivers on all future events. Checking on prices of hot spots. Will be looking at job descriptions of officers and possibly be clarifying roles. Cameron motioned for this to be tabled till the December meeting. Motion made by Daniel to move CD to a money market and put 2 names on it. This was approved. Debra and Shannon will create the ballot for the voting of officers. Voting will be held November 4th to November 11th. Current nominations are as follows:
President – Cameron Albea
Vice President – Cameron Albea, Daniel Semon, Keith Young
Autocross Chair – Frank Forcino
Secretary – Debra Mercer
Communications – Shannon Nicholson
Membership – Chris Polhamus
Treasurer – Patti Young
Board of Directors (4 positions) – Justin McKee, Kalean Hinz, Chris Polhamus, Brian Dickson, Cory O’brian