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Time for another small update…

The car did fine… the nut behind the wheel still needs a bit of work though regarding confidence-building in the car. lol! That will only come with time, practice, and knowing more what the car will do on odd surfaces… It is still new to me, so i’m still very much in a discovery phase with the car. The biggest issue last night for instance, is no matter what i do or try to tell myself, i am far too timid about certain areas of the AG Center lot… So i find myself coasting-down, not being very aggressive (coasting rather than being on gas or brake) where i need to be (large areas that waste a lot of time). But all in all, the car performed flawlessly, and kept doing exactly what i was telling it to do, except for my first run down at the bottom of the hill where i wound up accidentally drifting it a bit (a lot) into the up-hill slalom section… which did not do much to help me ‘build confidence’ for my remaining runs, particularly because that is the biggest area on the lot where i lack confidence in the car (long sweeping left turn with a curb to the right).

As for the clutch… The new clutch felt good, but it is definitely grabbier than the last clutch… it doesn’t like to be slipped too much right this second, so i’m now getting a decent amount of wheel hop on the car… before, i guess the old/tired clutch gave way easier, so i never noticed the hop. Now, it is defintiely something i either have to completely change how i launch the car for, or see what i can do about upgraded bushings and things in the rear… BUT… thats a rabbit hole i’m not sure i want to go down, because when you make sections of the chain stronger, you allow other sections of the chain that were otherwise fine before turn into the weakest links… So i’m not sure how i feel about that, since the transmission/axles/driveshaft are next in that line.

Well that’s about it for now. I think my next plans will involve the engine actually making a bit more power. Some kind of cold air intake and lightweight exhaust seem like a good place to start with that. But until then, I’m (im)patiently waiting for the next Night Series 🙂