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Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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September 2020 Meeting

The club didn’t make money at the last day series. Officers that paid for membership this year will be refunded since the policy in place allows officers to have a membership. Looking at October 18th or November 1st as a possible makeup date for the day series. Keith is checking on those dates. We have the new trailer tag. It was voted on and approved to have anyone signing up for worker assignments ahead of time to be registered for that race before the worker assignment can be given. A message will be included in the thread for early worker assignments about this. Our CD isn’t growing good interest. Will be looking into the money market and other options to maximize the interest. This can be done in December. Next month will be nominations for officers. Voted and approved to make sure no refunds on future events because events have to be limited. Could possibly change location on the club’s mailbox to Fletcher next year. Cameron mentioned to reach out to The Track of Asheville for partnership opportunities. The Track of Asheville is a sims racing venue. It was voted on and approved. Shannon will be reached about this contact. A club member(Hunter) who is also a Realtor wants to sponsor an a future autocross. Cameron is going to work on the details for this to happen.