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Updates n whatever (is anyone reading this? haha!)

So a couple of days ago, i found a buyer for the Hankook VS3v2 tires. This is a budget build, and i really didn’t want to stomach another tire purchase just to try out another set of tires… So i had to sell the first set before i could buy the others… I was still hesitant to do that though, since i had like 3 events on the Hankooks, and was beginning to understand them more and set the car up for them… and each event on them had been better/faster than the event before. So, going to a new tire would be a step backwards in many ways.

Regardless, i sold the tires, and immediately ordered the BFGoodrich Rival-S 225/45-15… they showed up a bit before lunch yesterday, and i got them mounted at Downtown Tire in Hendersonville… I still had to finish some work at the shop, and of course be at the AG Center at like 3:30pm or so for course setup… Sooooooo, no time to actually try to wear off tire mold release, or even really find a secret location to maybe see how it would handle compared to the Hankooks… and i definitely did not have time or even a direction in which to alter alignment settings. Sounds like a recipe for success, eh? 🙂

After last night, a couple of things are very clear; these tires definitely like to grip better than the Hankooks… My alignment settings are WAY too tight for them actually. For the Hankooks, they really enjoyed everything thrown at them to tighten the car up, yet give it good turn-in. So to me, that was a decent amount of toe-in on the rear, good deal of toe-out, and lots of negative camber. I think with these tires the key will be to back off the negative camber some, reduce the toe-in in the rear (this one i think was killing me the most last night, as the car did not really want to actually rotate…. it’d TURN, but not rotate). I’m also going to reduce the toe-out just a bit to let the car roll easier. It has NO problem turning… and once it can rotate better with the rear, the turn-in will be too much if i leave this much toe-out on it.

So… bottom line, the tires did better than i thought they would to be honest, especially having not had time to wear them in much… But all in all, a ton of fun was had, regardless of the tire situation, and thats waht all of this is about anyway 🙂

…… oh, and yes, the fuel pump situation still is not resolved, so the car is running (and running fine) with the jumper installed to switch on the fuel relay instead of letting the ECU do it. 🙂