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Thanks guys!

Man, yesterday was a BLAST! The car was much more stable than i thought it’d be… maybe a bit TOO stable. Setup wise its a bit tight… on a couple of key turns, it wanted to plow straight forward rather than rotate, but i have a good idea of which issues I’ll have to work through to get it better… but for the first time out in this configuration (and only my second time autocrossing this car), it was awesome!

As far as the results, i was able to get the 4th fastest time of the day in both the Raw results and the PAX results… And got 1st in STR. So very very happy with those results…

I’m planning on going to the Georgia Match Tour on June 5-7th (Anyone else here going?)… So i’ll be missing the next Day Series at Black Pond… 🙁 But since the Match Tour is a bigger/faster course on concrete, i’m going to leave the setup exactly as it is, and see how it does down there in comparison.

Kinda bummed, because i didn’t really get a good picture of the car at the event yesterday… lol! But i did snap this cool pic from the Bridal Veil Falls on 64 during my road trip to the site in the morning…

And of course the Black Pond site … If you missed this event, you missed an AWESOME site and course! Make sure you are at the next one! 😉