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Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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August Meeting

Last 2 events were not profitable. Talked about operation costs and understanding when to apply to events. Yearly operation costs can be added and divided by 12 to get a monthly cost to add to report of event costs. Membership chair could appoint a novice steward job. Heather W. will continue to race as an officer for the work she does with novice retention and this was voted on and approved. Will go back and look at officer duties and make changes if necessary. Will determine by Tuesday Aug 18th about the Sept. 5 Autocross in Franklin. Cameron motioned to have Keith contact Franklin about other dates for the day series. Keith said he would. Keith motioned for Frank to ask if ETR is ordering cones this year and to confirm order if the price is reasonable. 2nd by Art and approved by all. E-waivers are good to go to be used for any autocross. Still looking into future meeting sites. Ones mentioned are French Fryz, Cornerstone Restaurant and Legion Building. Frank asked about possibly changing meeting time if we decide to meet in person.