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Finally got tires ordered… I have been waiting with my finger on the Buy button for a while now waiting for some tires to come off backorder, which they finally did, but it’ll still be a couple weeks until they are available… i was originally wanting to run some Rival S tires, as they seem to be the “new hotness” in ST classes, but i also wanted a set of tires for the upcoming Day Series event. Also, i’ve heard very mixed reviews on the Rival S tires lately… many don’t like it becuase the tire requires driving much differently… who knows… i think its all splitting hairs… I’m sure that the Rival S is ultimately a faster tire, but ANYTHING will be better than the 185/60-14 500-Treadwear POS tires that are on it now… LOL!

So, i have a set of Hankook RS3 v2 tires on the way… yAy!

Once they are on, i’ll finally set ride height, and get the car aligned, and it should hopefully be all ready to go for Saturday in STR…