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Hi Mike! Thanks, i appreciate it! 🙂

The more and more i look at this car, the more i think i scored the cleanest 1994 i could ever dream of… lol! The carpet and the rest of the interior is in perfect shape… even the drivers seat bolster shows extremely minor wear. I’ll try to get better pics up later today from my real camera instead of the iPhone pics.. lol!

I really appreciate the offer to help with the car! There is one complication though… since all of my tools and stuff are at my shop, the car will live at my shop, which means the only time i will have available to work on it is in the daytime on weekdays during lunch, and my newly-started “smoke breaks”… hahaha! Of course if you’re available during the day, then that’s no big deal, you’re welcome to come by the shop anytime…

Speaking of which, right now my biggest scramble with the car is appropriate brakes, and MAYBE suspension in the car by the NS #2 event. The rotors and pads are ordered, and i probably won’t have them until Tuesday (decided againsti the parts-store easy button, and got real pads/rotors). And then i MIGHT be able to have my suspension in-hand by Tuesday as well if all goes well with the local suspension guru’s… So, as for coming by the shop, its looking like late-day Tuesday or preferably Wednesday morning may be great times to think about it 😉

In planning-news, after some extremely careful consideration, and reviewing what the required budget would be to do it (thats always the kicker, eh?) I’ve decided that this year, and maybe even next year, to go ahead and keep this car at STR prep-level and see how it goes there. Meanwhile, i’ll be able to do SSM planning outside of the car, such as motor and transmission building, acquiring suspension components needed, etc. Then, when things are closer budget and parts-wise, make the transition quickly in the off-season.

So for now, its basically EStreet for an event or two until i can finish off the suspension and wheel/tire things, then onto STR… it doesn’t have an LSD in it, so that’ll hurt for a bit until i am able to get the one i want, but regardless, i am SUPER stoked to be back in some kind of car of my own… haha!