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AANNDD This is where I come in. John sold the car to a friend of mine after it developed a problem where it wouldn’t rev over 2200rpm. While this was great because it essentially acted as launch control, it wasn’t really usable. We ended up diagnosing the problem as a failed ecu. Water had leaked inside the cockpit and made it’s way to the ecu conveniently behind the passenger seat. Swapping in the ecu from Smurf made it run beautifully. After that got replaced, the car received a stock street alignment and was daily driven around town on the all-seasons that came on the car initially when John got the car.

This is where I come in. I purchased it from my friend when he found a turbo miata he wanted to buy. All I’ve done with it since I got the title transferred was do a full detail.


Current plans are as follows. The aforementioned braided brake lines never made it onto this car, but they did make it into my garage, so they’re going on. The Racing Beat catback from smurf is going to get transplanted at the same time. And this thing needs an alignment…badly. These tires may grip, but that means nothing when you’re going down 176 around that one corner and the camber in the rear decides to turn positive…lol. Same specs excluding the toe out in the rear; going to play around with neutral toe and see how well the car rotates and goes from there.


Anyway, thanks to John for building a bad ass car. You’re welcome to co-drive anytime you like!