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Welp, i have the diagnosis… Over the weekend my mechanic got the car apart and found out the exact issue… i thought it was a spring or something in the disk, because of the noises and how/when it was making the sounds… as it turns out, it is actually the pilot bearing that completely blew up… like literally just the outer race is left. Also, not that it had anything to do with that, but the rear main seal was indeed leaking a small bit… but the disk didn’t have any oil on it or anything, so we’re guessing that when the bearing let go, the parts had to go somewhere… and that is likely where i got my slipping clutch from… parts in the clutch plate, or otherwise being jammed up with bearing shrapnel.

So, new replacement clutch is at the mechanics now, and it should be put back together by tomorrow sometime, and hopefully i’ll have a minute to put a few miles on the car before bringing it to the AG Center… i’ll just have to calm down my launches just a wee bit for Wednesday probably 🙂

I’ll just be happy it’s back on the road… yay!

Just wish i could have put a better clutch in… not sure the ST rules are all that great when it comes to that. I doubt any aftermarket clutch would make THAT big of a difference in anyones times. sigh