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See, i knew this would be a great place for me to talk to myself at… lol!

In “update” news, nothing has changed on the car yet since the last DS…. but the good news, is that i had a family thing come up that’ll keep me from attending the Georgia thing, so i’ll be at the next DS at Black Pond 🙂 Really looking forward to running there again actually. It was a LOT of fun, and SO MANY RUNS! …. lol!

I’m going to change a couple of samll things on the car before then… mainly alignment for now. The car was pushing a lot and not quite doing exactly what i was asking it to do in a few sections, so i’m going to try to fix that a little bit more. I still have to remove the dampers and have them re-valved for proper spring rates also, but that won’t happen before the DS.