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Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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March Meeting
Motion approved to change authorized signatures on bank account and was approved for old names to be taken off and 4 names be added: Daniel S., Chris P., Keith Y., John A. Trailer clean out sign-up is on the Forum for this Sunday to make that happen. Motion was made to take away the TRSS school event and was approved. Going to table how to move forward on the motor sports reg members. Motion made to repair the other 3 brakes on the trailer and was approved to be done. Daniel S. will do the repair. Daniel S. will be in charge of creating the meeting agenda. Advertising committee is looking for more volunteers and currently has Frank F., Daniel S. and Shannon N. Chris P. will take over ordering t-link antennas. T-shirts and other apparel were approved to be available for order. Club will buy one of each for display. Will check on designs and finalize them. Shannon will add links for ordering. Tech stickers will still sell for $3 and Richard D. will be in charge of selling them. Any helmets that are old and falling apart will be tossed. Will announce for people to donate old helmets if they are buying new ones. Tech is still in charge of making sure numbers are being properly displayed. Membership chair position is open and will be announced until filled. We will purchase cones this year with ETR’s order. There are still sponsor spots left on trailer.

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