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Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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December Meeting

Minutes were approved. Treasurer report is on webpage. There will be an increased fee of $5 to race the day series at Franklin. Motioned by Shannon and 2nd by Cameron to have a 50% off coupon code printed on 2020 schedule business cards for first time racers. Motion was approved. Awards are on schedule to be completed for banquet. Still looking into t-shirt options. Cameron motioned to check into younger kids 5-12yrs racing in junior kart with our club and forming a committee. Chris P will call insurance about this with Keith also being a part of the committee. Younger kart drivers would drive a different coarse set up using the adult coarse. It was mentioned to take part in future parades and/or car shows. Keith motioned to announce for our members that attend the banquet to do a yelp review about Two Guys Pizza the day of the banquet. Cameron 2nd this and it was approved.