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Shannon NicholsonShannon Nicholson
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Hey everyone,

Below is a link to an absentee ballot in case you cannot make it to tonight’s 7:15 pm club meeting at The Cantina at Biltmore Village to vote in person. While we encourage you to cast your ballot in person, we understand that not everyone can make that work inside of busy schedules, family and work obligations.

PLEASE NOTE: This online ballot will not be available after 7:15 pm tonight as we will be conducting live voting at the meeting. You may cast your ballot any time up until the club meeting officially begins.

As a side note, I’d like to personally thank everyone who has accepted a nomination on the 2020 ballot. Our club is run by volunteers and it’s nice to see so many are willing to graciously donate their time and energy to help our club run smoothly.

Hope to see you tonight,

Shannon Nicholson
Communications Officer
Highlands Sports Car Club