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Thanks, Frank. I’m putting you down for Board of Directors. Let me know if you’d also like me to add your nomination to Autocross Chair.

For you and anyone else interested in any of these positions, here are the officer duties as described in our Constitution and Bylaws:

President: Responsible to the Club’s members, the President shall preside over all Club Meetings, shall be ex-officio of all Committees, shall manage and direct the day-to-day affairs of the Club in accordance with the terms of these Bylaws by utilizing, managing, and delegating to the Officers as well as to the Directors at Large. The President shall have the authority and responsibility for signing all legal documents and contracts involving the Club. The President shall ensure timely actions are taken to implement the decisions of the Board. The President shall have the authority to schedule meetings of the Board, and with the approval of the Board and/or membership, appoint special committees. The President shall act as the Club’s official and primary liaison with outside individuals, or organizations, in matters involving the Club’s purposes as stated in Article 2. The President is the official spokesperson for the Club with respect to media and may assign that responsibility to another Officer in their absence.

Vice President: Reporting to the President, and in the absence of the President, exercises the functions of the President, as well as any other duties or responsibilities assigned by the President. The Vice President shall be responsible for the Club’s event scheduling.

Secretary: Reporting to the President, the Secretary shall be in charge of all non-financial Club documents, keep written records of all Club Meetings and votes, along with generating reports of all Club Meetings.

Treasurer: Reporting to the President, the Treasurer shall have the responsibility of the Club’s General Fund as defined in Article 8. These responsibilities shall include conducting the Club’s banking affairs, validating the accuracy of payment requests, signing, and co-signing all Club checks, auditing accounts and event cash summaries, and providing detailed financial reports at all Board and Membership meetings upon request. The Event Chairperson is responsible for submitting a profit and loss statement for their event to the Treasurer within one (1) week of the event, and to the general Membership no later than at the Membership meeting following the event. The person occupying this position must be bondable and is subject to a background check.

Membership Officer: Reporting to the President, the Membership Officer shall have the responsibility of interfacing with, and supplying Club information to prospective members and provide and process Club membership applications. Additionally, the Membership Officer will present membership activity reports at all Board and Membership meetings, and with the assistance from other Board members, select and arrange Club meeting locations, including the location of the end of the year awards banquet. The Membership Officer will be responsible for managing the Club’s online membership database.

Communications Officer: Reporting to the President, the Communication Officer shall have the primary responsibility for ensuring Club related information is made available in a timely fashion to the Membership. The Communications Officer will serve as the Club’s direct liaison to the Club’s website provider to ensure the timely and accurate inclusion of information on the Club’s website. The Communications Officer will also have the responsibility, when appropriate, to ensure media coverage of Club events. The Communications Officer will be responsible for the maintenance of the Club’s 2-way radios as well as the Club’s online Social Media accounts, including promotion of Club events.

Autocross Chair: Reporting to the President, the Autocross Officer will be responsible, overall, for the timely planning, efficient organizing and staffing, as well as the effective, safe conduct of the Club’s autocross events. The Autocross Officer will be empowered to appoint an Event Chairperson to be in charge of each of the Club’s autocross events. The appointed Event Chairperson will serve as that event’s responsible manager in charge of all activities, including a financial accounting of the event’s income and expenses.

Board of Directors: Reporting to the President, the Directors at Large (hereinafter Directors) shall be responsible for providing guidance and assistance to the Club’s Officers in furtherance of the Club’s purposes. Individual Directors may be utilized to act as chairs of any Special Committees approved by the Board and/or membership.