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August Meeting

Treasurer report – Revenue was over $2000 for the NS5, net was around $1240. We should be fine on money for the remainder of events.

Autocross report – NS5 had 81 attendees, things seemed to run well. Timing ran mostly without glitches, though a few fixes are in the works to prevent any further problems that could crop up.

Constitution and bylaws have been updated on the website. Reimbursement check for the TRSSS event is on its way. Facebook ads for the last NS produced 40 responses, with an estimated 20 or so people coming to the event as a result. In total, they reached 2168 people for only ~$20. We’ll plan to continue ads, spending double on day series events in order to attract more people. Daniel reached out to Darryl “Killboy” Cannon of…well, Killboy. We’ll plan to pass our schedule along to them for next year so that they can post it on their calendar since they’re just an hour away. We may also look into doing some cross promotion with them.

Club flag project is being finished up, Shannon is controlling that project. We’re looking into doing stickers and/or t-shirts with TCS Printing. Keith is going to look into that and report back. NCAC is coming up soon. Parking should be fine up to about 100 entrants. Officers and volunteers will be needed to help run the event.

Officer nominations will be coming up soon, many key positions will be available. Luke will not be available to serve as treasurer, and Cameron and Cody will also likely not be available for autocross chair duties.

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