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Erich BaumgartnerErichB
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Yes, there are fees for our events. The events cost $25 for non-members and $20 for members. A yearly membership to HSCC is $20.

There is no way to pay a full season’s fees up front.

The reasoning behind this is that if you miss an event, we’d have to issue a refund. Refunds are a manual process and the club loses money when we issue them.

The way our registration works

  • You sign up on for the event you want to attend
  • Your name is added to the list of potential attendees
  • When you check-in at the event (should be done at the gate), your card will be charged the event fee

If you elect not to attend the event, no charge is processed. This prevents us from having to do refunds and prevents excessive charging/refunds on your own card history.

Hopefully this helps.