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It’s been a couple of weeks since the 30 April race, but I wanted to say a heart-felt “THANKS” to Keith Young and also Katelynne Mercer for allowing my son Kaelan to use another Kart driver’s vehicle. Thanks also to Patti for offering her support in the paddock/pit area.

After breaking the “janky” recoil starter assembly, we were pretty much dead-in-the-water and unable to re-start our stalled engine. Class + sportsmanship matters, and it really meant a lot to Kaelen that he got a chance to compete and have fun. Certainly we will offer help, advice and assistance in turn to any competitor who may be in need.

The people in HSCC are what keep us coming back for more, even when technical snags make for a frustrating day!! Thanks to all involved for a great experience.