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Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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May Meeting

Autocross School went well. Keith mentioned charging an extra $10 to help with cost. First day series went well. The club paid for an update on Axeware but no service contract. We have until July 31st to do the service contract. Taxes are filed. Financially on track to do well again. All insurance dues are paid for the whole year. Going to look into a permanent tag for the trailer. Keith motioned getting another leaf blower and it was approved. Keith is in charge of making that purchase. Annual tech stickers are selling. Motion made by Daniel for officers to carry radios during autocrosses. Would have to buy 4 to 6 radios. All was approved. Dave mentioned to have separate channel for grid to communicate.The trailer clean out date will be posted on the forum. Keith will put some shelves in the storage unit. Keith motioned to buy correct ball for trailer towing and it was approved. John mentioned having a seperate novice drivers meeting. We need a person designated to keeping time at events. Timing is needing new batteries(4 of them) antennas for the t-links. We need to promote our sponsor more. We need volunteers for the TRSS school to sign up on the forum. Need to vote on club shirts next meeting. Cameron will start a banner committee. Grid will be mapped out for next race.