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NCAC Points Breakdown after Event #1

Here’s the current breakdown of points following Event #1! We’re solidly in 4th place overall with only small 5 point gap to Tarheel SCC.

A couple quick announcements and adendums from the NCAC organizers. Each club will be allowed one drop out of the five events. From the looks of it, that will be determined at the end of the series with our lowest points event being removed from consideration. Also, if a club doesn’t reach the minimum of 5 drivers, a penalty of -50 points (out of a possible 100) will be assessed for each driver that we’re short. With that being said, it’s imperative that we get together to make a strong showing at the next event at NCCAR, hosted by Tarheel. From the looks of some videos I’ve seen online, looks like it’s almost a roadcourse, and should be a blast. If you have any questions about participating, let me know or comment on this thread.

Some NCCAR goodness…