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Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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April Meeting

There was 113 registered for first night series and 85 attended. Event went well except for some glitches in timing and display. Mark is going to fix the faulty power cable. Volunteers have stepped up to help next night series in Grid and Start. Grid:Keith, Art, Dave, Steve H. and Chris P. Start:Daniel and Ryan C. Workers doing waivers now have aprons to carry supplies. Motion made by Mark W. to renew and upgrade our service contract with Axeware. Motion was aprroved. Daniel appointed Mark to purchase batteries. An announcement was made that the Minis at the Dragon participants will be running an auto-x on the morning of May 4th in Franklin. Afternoon will be for test and tune event sponsored by the club. Need to ask John for info to market on Web and Facebook. Cameron will post a clean-up note for trailer. Shane called and asked for someone to help market TRSS. Daniel will report back to Shane but until then we will help market the TRSS on Webpage and Facebook. We need to update the flyer. Shane said BMW Club and Tarheel will help market. BMW is expanding registration on Motorsports Reg. A post will be made on the forum for a truck and driver to deliver the HSCC trailer to Franklin.