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I want to thank all the competitors we had from Highlands at the NCAC event this past Saturday at Zmax. We got 4 brave souls and one autocross junkie to stand out in the rain and brave the thunder and lightning to show off our skills and pride in our club. One participant was even spotted walking course barefoot in the middle of a downpour. Even though the weather favored those who ran late 2nd, 3rd run, we fought hard and well and had some great finishes in our respective classes.

Frank and Emily competed in GS in Frank’s ’17 Si. Emily finished with a 73.665 for a respectable 5th out of 6 finish, however, allegations of an umbrella theft have clouded her achievements. The whereabouts of the umbrella are, as of this moment, unknown. Frank pulled out all the stops and took advantage of the drying course to bring home his fastest time of 66.060! That was the fastest run for GS when he came in, but a competitor just barely knocked him out of 1st with a hero run of 65.946.

STH would seem to have an advantage in the rain with the inclusion of the AWD WRX of John Arnst. Unfortunately, with less than optimal tires, it was difficult for him to realize those advantages. However, with the odds against him, John finished in a very convincing 2nd place with a 68.342, with a massive 1.6s gap back to third place.

Lastly we have CS, with Ryan Cotton in his ’16 Miata and yours truly as codriver. For the first runs of the day, Ryan decided it would be fun to experience what it would be like inside a washing machine on spin cycle. I questioned how wise this decision was initially, but ended up deciding it was in the best interest for everyone that we proceed around the time we were facing the corner we had just exited. Ryan’s runs got faster and cleaner during the day, culminating in a strong 68.349, which was just barely 2 hundredths behind my run at that point. That was good enough for a strong 2nd place finish in CS with almost 2.5s back to 3rd. With more seat time, I’m certain he’ll be an unrelenting force in CS. I seemed to have something click in my mind as I left the line on my final run. The car and I seemed to be one, and I crossed the line with a 66.375, a much lower time than I thought possible. The need for an ND is now very strong, and a craigslist search has been bookmarked on my computer.

Again, I want to thank and congratulate everyone that participated in round 1! The next round will take place at NCCAR, May 11, with Tarheel Sports Car Club serving as host. If you’re interested in participating, you can register here. Make sure to also sign up for your club affiliation here, or at the link at the top of this thread. If you have any question about this or any NCAC event, let me know.

Hope to see everyone at NCCAR!