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That is good news Luke

David Anderson is bringing some 1′ x 4′ 1/2 ply to us when he meets up with Mark to look at the FM transmitter. I am guessing in the next week or two.
I have not heard back from Ryan yet on 2x4s ?? I think 2 x 4 x 9 ft tall are needed about 10 of those and the rest of the 2 x 4 could be shorter.

I think 3 full sheets of 1/2 ply would be good to have. I plan to cut them to 5′ x 4′ to make three full with 4′ deep shelves at the back of the unit.
The ply David Anderson is bringing should be good for wall shelving 1′ deep.

Some sturdy shelving in the unit will allow for much needed organization to be implemented and make use of the higher space in the unit.
At this time we have a lot of things stacked on top of each other in the unit. The storage unit is not user friendly at this time.

The goal is to have many things on selves well marked as to what is in the box or bag what is it for, also be easily accessible if possible.
Many Items are self evident as to there nature IE. Jack, fire extinguishers, orange cones, grill and Loud speakers.

Donation Wanted
55 gallon plastic barrel with removable lid for the club storage unit. This is a good way to store the 40lb bags of Quick Dry Spill Absorbing Granules we have in there in case of a big spill on track.
One or Two free or cheaply priced barrels could be put to good use in this capacity.

Thanks to anyone who can help with this.