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Thanks for the input and mentoring Jack, Steven, Chris, Art and others!

I am aware for most of you this is not part of your work assignment or your responsibility! I am thankful for your willingness to share your time, wisdom and experience. I myself have never worked grid before.

About Grid:
The plan is to make it longer by maybe 100′ or so. Jack and Stephan both suggested moving the two driver cars away from the starting area. That worked out much better during the second run group. Art offers this: The grid is along barn B. That barn has a pass-through near the middle. I propose to grid two driver cars beyond that along the barn side. Then grid everyone else on both sides moving down the hill. This will keep the area clear where car come off course and allows room for more cars to stage, keeping the event moving. I like Art’s suggestion.

Wondering if we could have cars grid on both sides diagonally 45 degrees or less 25 degrees facing toward the starting line end of grid. Do you think it is possible to make it so most of them would not need to back in, but just go to the end of grid after a run turn around and then drive forward in at a angle to there spot. If this is possible it may reduce the number of cars backing up in grid or at least how far they need to back? Input here is welcome.

Having the lights on in grid would of coarse be most welcome.

Finish Slalom:
Jack is suggesting maybe move the finish slalom to the right a bit – even if not centered in the finish box. I think we should consider that.

Request is to try and get in and out of grid without driving on gravel. This is possible it requires driving through the fenced area behind the barns to that lower parking lot turn right go past the building there then right up the hill straight ahead to grid. Should take less than 1 min. to drive if you don’t get lost. However I an not sure we rent the lot past that fence? Maybe Chris could weigh in on this?

Some compromising is inevitable with the current location at the Ag-center. I am hesitant to drive cross course from car paddock to grid although that is a way to do it with out driving on gravel. Also helicopter lift, dusty, noisy, slow, just another of my many bad ideas!!! Lets keep looking for a way.

There is more than one way to do this grid thing well I am sure, and there’s a million ways to do it badly! I am too old to try all the bad ones.

Suggestions welcome: